Sam Houser: "GTA IV crazier than ever"

GamesRadar writes: "In the build-up to GTA IV Day (April 29), magazine's have been going coverage crazy for Rockstar's new shooting-and-driving baby. The latest publication to decorate its papery frontage with the hard-face of Niko Bellic is the much-respected videogame culture monthly, Edge. The April issue features a massive (we're talking 16 glorious pages of words and pictures) look at the blockbuster series and an interview with Rockstar president, Sam Houser, in which he talks about GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas and GTA IV".

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Amagai Shuusuke3965d ago

Its good to see that the GTA series can
continuously keep itself fresh through
out each installment. This could be the
best yet if its "crazier than ever".

ATLRoAcH3965d ago

While there are no new details on multiplayer modes, Houser is enthusiastic about GTA IV as a social tool: "I'm like 'Do you want to come and hang out for a chat?' And I'll meet you online and we'll get in a car, just listen to music and drive around together, talking, and your 3D model's sat in the car next to me. That's sublime to me.”

This sounds really cool.I can't even imagine what all they will do with the multiplayer.This will be a whole new type of multiplayer game I think.

skynidas3965d ago

yeah it will be awesome!!!

stuntman_mike3965d ago

you could do all that by stepping outside your front door.

Lord Vader3965d ago

I really wish R* would spill the beans on the MP.....

AngryHippo3965d ago

....come soon enough, seriously this will take so much of my time.

vloeistof3965d ago

gta iv ftw o and mgs4 and resistance2 motorstorm2 also

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