Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Hands-On by GameSpot - Early Game Exploring and Multiplayer

When you think about turn-based strategy games on consoles, most people tend to think of isometric strategy-role-playing games like Final Fantasy Tactics. When you think about them on handheld consoles, most people tend to think of tile-based games like Advance Wars. But what about the classic turn-based games that stole away countless hours from PC players? Aren't those PC turn-based games too complicated and boring? Not if designer Sid Meier has anything to say about it.

Meier and his team at Firaxis are hard at work on Civilization Revolution, a faster-paced turn-based console version of the classic Civilization series for computers. It is more or less completely identical in terms of content on both consoles and on the Nintendo DS. GameSpot recently had a chance to dive into some multiplayer sessions of the Xbox 360 version of the history-themed game, as well as to try out the DS version, and they have much to report.

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