ABC News review of Super Smash Bros. Brawl

IGN's Matt Casamassina gives a very positive review Super Smash Bros. Brawl for ABC News. He says: "Nintendo maybe created the best fighter around"

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Guwapo773970d ago

Times are changing we have videogame reviews from ABC.

Wouldn't it be nice for them to add a videogame review right after the sports minute on the 6 O'Clock news?

fenderputty3970d ago

I only hope that people don't listen to ABC for their reviews. The mainstream media has proven time and time again that they know jack sh1t about video games. I don't want to take away from Brawl cause it's a great game but, I would much rather take IGN's word then ABC's word.

Monteblanco3970d ago

Fenderputty, did you actually watched the review?

As much as I distrust TV journalism, I have to say the piece was pretty well done. They hired IGN to do the review, which is not only accurate but very favourable. I wish most TV game news were in this quality level.

fenderputty3970d ago

I can't steam all media from work. I do know that TV journalism isn't always the best source for gaming news. Hell ... half the time it's distorted for normal news. Take Fox and the ME scandle for instance. If they actually used IGN, then they did something I would never have expected them to do ... research.

RecSpec3970d ago

I didn't hear anyone complain when news stations were reviewing Halo.

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PSWe603970d ago

I'd like to congradulate Nintendo for their first good game this year

Farsendor13970d ago

nice casual review from ign didn't get to technical just went straight to gameplay and characters. nice work on abc part for not doing the review them selfs

wiizy3969d ago

there are plenty of good games on wii.