Starcraft II - Zerg Reveal Trailer (Direct Feed)

Have the Zerg surpassed the Protoss to become the most powerful species in the galaxy?

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Tyrael3962d ago

The short answer is yes. Otherwise there would be no storyline.

I Call 9MM3962d ago

I want to know whose voice that was. It sounds so familiar somehow.

Bonsai12143962d ago


most powerful in the universe? maybe. i love the mass attack strategy, especially when it seems all the other units fire so slowly..

anyways, terrans were most powerful anyways in the original

Genki3962d ago

Terrans, most powerful? Huh?

How were they the most powerful when the Protoss wasted some of their planets at will simply because of a minor Zerg infestation?

The Terrans are by far my favorite race, but as far as being the most powerful...I don't know about all of that. Remember, a Marine had 40 hp whereas a zealot had 80, along with 80 plasma shields.

Nathaniel_Drake3962d ago

My favorite race to use on Starcraft!

redwingsrock3962d ago

i remember the days playing Starcraft in internet cafes and and playing with random on and the people that always got Zerg would always say GOD DAMMIT!!! right at the start of the game, are those days over maybe? we'll See i guess, but either way Terran Owns All


SlyGuy3962d ago

...PC gaming was dead. HA!

OMG...I am so hyped for this game right now. And with zerg at the forefront...*drools*.

Favourite in-game quotes anyone?

"Goliath Online!"

Genki3962d ago

"How the hell do I get out of this chicken-sh*t outfit!?"

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