Hideo Kojima Working on New Title

Speaking with Japan's Nikkei BP website, Konami president Fumiaki Tanaka revealed that Kojima is working on the concept for a new game outside of the Metal Gear universe. Pressed further on this mystery title, or possibly titles, Tanaka said that he couldn't reveal anything at this point and that a formal announcement won't be coming this year. Instead, we can probably look forward to hearing something after Kojima has written the new title's scenario, which won't happen until after MGS4 has been released and Metal Gear Online has been given a major push.

In other Metal Gear Solid 4 news, Tanaka revealed to the site that Konami expects sales to be similar to past titles. While the sales focus is on the European and North American markets, the company is aiming for sales of one million in Japan alone. Nikkei pointed out to Tanaka that the PS3 hardware has yet to hit the two million mark in Japan, to which Tanaka noted that many users are waiting for MGS4 to buy a PS3. He also feels that because a number of major PS3 titles from other companies will be released before MGS4, the system's userbase total will rise.

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decapitator3925d ago

Kojima san working on a new game ??? Dont know what it is but I know one thing...DO WANT.

cellypower3925d ago

right on decapitator right on

sonarus3925d ago

my guess would be zone of the enders. Who knows though. That guy is a visionary and i can't wait to try what else he has in store. MGS4 is in the top 5 for most wanted playstation 3 games in JP so i expect it to push some console sales. However i feel sony needs a price cut around mgs4 release to further sweeten the deal

vitz33925d ago

I'd give my left nut for Zone of the Enders 3.

Black_Jack3925d ago

zoe: 2nd runner was a brilliant game, ZOE has so much potential in my eyes, i loved that futuristic neon look coupled with fast paced air battles, gives rise to some pretty visuals!! sh!t i just drooled everywhere!?

i would love it to be ZOE, but he did say concept so mabe its not on the cards. we can only hope

sonarus3925d ago

Its hard being an mgs fan to not want a kojima game. Nice to see konami is very optimistic for mgs sales. They are quite aware of they system seller capabilities of their game. Hopefully they have full intentions of marketing the game to increase the sales. MGS4 was number 4 last i checked on famitsu most wanted games in japan. So saying it will sell a million isn't too farfetchd. Sony needs to increase their install base though and a price cut around the time of release is a huge step in the right direction

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3925d ago

1080p ZOE damn that would be the freakin best.

Sev3925d ago

MGS4 is done, and is in its final testing phase. MGO might have a little more tinkering to go but MGS4 is done.

So of course Kojima is working on a new game. Most developers are always working on more than one game at once.

I bet Kojima is working on 2 new games, maybe more.

He makes games for a living and for enjoyment. So of course he is working on a new game.

Booyah3925d ago

ahhhh yeah .... Do Want

RecSpec3925d ago

Lunar Knights sequel perhaps?

shysun3925d ago

All I want is ZOE3! Part2 was one of my Favorite games of last gen.

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General Pinky3925d ago

"He also feels that because a number of major PS3 titles from other companies will be released before MGS4, the system's userbase total will rise"

I don’t know about that but hey what the hell...
Hope to see the new game coming in all platforms

ruibing3925d ago

If we are talking about Japan, Yakuza 3 is already out with Valkryie of the Battlefield soon to follow. The 2 million mark is not a problem.

skynidas3925d ago

great he is one of the best developers EVER

The Wood3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

but his team is what makes it happen and credit is due for them also

mighty_douche3925d ago

Try not to get excited, the wait will be crippling!

The Wood3925d ago

its hard to walk right about now with the crippling anxiety for mgs and possible zoe3 already

MiniMii3925d ago

Xbots: "b..bu...but...butt I thought MGS4 would flop on the PS3 and I thought that MGS4 needed to sell 1M copies in first day and I thought that it would come to the 360. What happened, daddy?"

Hahaha did you xbots hear that, they are aiming for a 50% attach rate in japan alone, [email protected] you xbots

Meanwhile you potheads are comparing a console mover like MGS4 with crap that has been in development for over 10 years *cough* too many humans *cough* or that piece of shiat called fisher.