Exclusive: Inside The Making Of Call Of Duty 4

The postmortem, written by Infinity Ward's Zeid Rieke and Michael Boon, is described by the Game Developer editors as follows:

"Call of Duty 4 is one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2007, and the authors make no secret of their pride in the product. There are many important lessons in here, from sticking to your ideals for a game (even if you aren't completely in charge of the series), to maintaining focus when alluring new IPs loom."

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General Pinky3963d ago

As some of you may know, I played the beta for this game and I like it but it had the look of any other FPS
Maybe thats me.
But do you think that it is a must buy game or not.
Cos there is an offer for Shadowrun and Crackdown for £20 and COD will be £40.
Do you think i should get it guys

Rex70003963d ago

is a pass for me but crackdown i would get be yeah COD4 is a must buy for me.......get COD