10 Games We Need to See on XBLA/PSN/Wii VC/Ware

Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, and now Wii Ware are home to some of the greatest classic games from our past. Many of them have been rejuvenated with online co-op, online leader boards and HD graphics. Although there have been some great additions to the respective services, here are ten more games we need to see on XBLA, PSN, and Wii Ware.

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btkadams3926d ago

wow those are really great ideas. i also think they should put earthworm jim on there, thatd be killer

Ureval3926d ago

I totally agree. A face lift would be awesome, but IMO EWJ was one of the best games ever.

predator3926d ago

oh god yes marvel vs capcom 2!!!! they need to do this, its the

craymoogy3926d ago

gosh, I can't remember how much I spent on that game on the arcade.

permutated3926d ago

MVC2 would be such a phenomenal addition to the XBLA.

Oh and I never realized that people as good as the players in that video.

C'mon Capcom, stop making us ask and just give it to us already! We're tired of waiting!

tatical3925d ago

Both Capom & Marvel said they wanted to make Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but Capcom doesn't have the Marvel license any more. They can't even make any more MvC2 discs for the PS2.

I don't have a source from Capcom or Marvel, but Capcom mentioned it in a Street Fighter IV video-interview.

Eclipticus3926d ago

luckily i still have mvc2!
but i can see this becoming a CLASSIC game

Salvadore3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Marvel vs Capcom 2 in the same agenda as StreetFighter HD, that would probably be awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.