Intel believes Nvidia is panicking


"An Intel representative has described Nvidia as a company in panic. We already told you that there is a big feeling that Nvidia and Intel have started to confront each other, and now we have some proof of it."

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General Pinky3967d ago

Why is that you ask?
Maybe because of the gaming industry is making people talk about games in a different way...its no more for children...
It’s for the big boys now... with the 18 + games.

mighty_douche3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

It's because people have become more interested in, hardware sale's/software sale's/review score's/comparison's with "rival console"/comparison's with "rival manufacturer" than the actual game's.

Everyone like's to play the analyst now, and from a journalist point of view, negative news is easier and get's you more attention than positive news.

JsonHenry3966d ago

MightyDouche you took the words right out of my fingertips. : ) Bubble for you!

season0073967d ago

more like the shifting of the gaming industry from PC to console...
instead of putting countless time on video cards, maybe they should develop for Sony PS4, xbox 720 or Nintendo Game Circle

there is less and less people who wants to spend 600bucks on display cards, there are simply NO game for you to play recently...

Kakkoii3967d ago

That's a common misconception. When a person becomes like that, they start to think tons of other people think like that to.

But most of the people who upgrade there graphics cards will take a PC over a Console any day. And will continue to forever.

Charlie26883967d ago

funny that you mention that considering last year NVIDIA performed THE best on video cards and everyone one seem to have bought the 8800GT that got excellent reviews all around

and again why would you buy a $600 card? is there even one left at that price? last time I checked THE best card as of right now is priced at $300-$350 and still most sales come form the $200-$250 8800GT that seem to be flying off the shelves

funny the you menton price when NVIDIA has already promised that the new 9000 series will be as cheap as ever and the new revealed prices confirm this

season0073967d ago

but you know what, i built my PC around a year ago, its E6600, 4gb of ram, striker extreme, 8800GTS 640mb, with 2 10000rpm hdd running in RAID 0...i don't really play a single PC game since i built it......

and yea i guess i am just used to upgrading my PC, but i can tell you for sure next time i will be spending more on CPU or HDD but definitely less on graphic card

Baliw3967d ago

9000 Series are oveclocked cards.

TheIneffableBob3966d ago

Do you seriously believe that, season007?

You are delirious.

JsonHenry3966d ago

I don't believe the lie that PC gaming is dead or even going to die.

Consoles that surf the net, support keyboard and mouse, and rent movies online? Consoles are TRYING to become LOW COST PCs.

Consoles are mimicking PCs, not the other way around. And if you truly believe that consoles are the wave of the future, then ask your self this- Why do consoles try to be PCs so bad? Answer - BECAUSE PEOPLE REALLY WANT A PC LIKE GAMING EXPERIENCE!!

solar3966d ago

bubble for you j. you see the light :D

Scrooge3966d ago

For every PC gaming thread there is always one "PC gaming is dying" console boy to give his opinion, completely ignoring the fact that Crysis went platinum, Orange Box sold more on PC than consoles, and 8800gt sales are thru the roof. Dont get me wrong, I love the consoles too, but just cause you feel a certain way doesn't mean that its fact and deffinitely doesnt mean that everyone thinks the same way as you.

solar3966d ago


bubble for you my friend. i own OB on the PC rather than my ps3. 1) because EA was doing the port...and we know how that smells (+ FPS superior with keyboard and mouse configuration), and 2) free content, mods, maps, game modes, constantly patched to fix annoyances and problems, and my personal fav! the young players are kept to very small number. once and a while you'll hear someone gabbing on the ask how old they are and bam! 8 yrs old. but they are well behaved 99% of the time, arent screaming profanities and actually strive to play team game to win. i like the more mature players of online PC MP games. always have...will never change.

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Charlie26883967d ago

I find this VERY hard to believe considering NVIDIA was named company of the year 07 and had one of THE highest revenues last year, I guess Intel is angry at the fact that NVIDIA seems to be resisting the buyout

Also I find it ironic that they mention AMD/ATI as being the super one Intel is getting close to since as we probably all know AMD/ATI is REALLY the one thats is in "panic" state with the massive price slashes just to remain competitive and the bugs in the processors along with experts saying buy Intel and NVIDIA parts...

meatnormous3967d ago

I just upgraded to a amd 5200 x2 and I have no problems with it at all. I was going to go intel but the prices are what kept me from doing that. I just wish a new killer game would get released so I can use my new pc to its potential.

mirroredderorrim3967d ago

CEO of Epic games has already called this thing out in another article.

Avto3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

what Nvidia is saying is not quite true in gaming a better GPU is an advantage but the same is not true for general use plus Intel is way ahead with their multy core CPU which are much more powerful than Nvidia can imagine and I don't mean just the processing power I mean Intel is the king everyone knows Intel makes good CPU but not many know about GPGPU just think devs are too lazy to learn Cell who will bother with D9X. And if what Intel says about Ray tracing is true and their CPU will do it Nvidia's finished

Kakkoii3967d ago

Not true.

Do you know the reason why GPU's have such a lower clock then CPU's?

It's because a GPU is alot more complex then a CPU.

Look it up for more info on it, I don't know enough to explain it fully.

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