Battlefield 4 beta open to all Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers

Battlefield 4 enters beta later this year and word from Origin Russia is that all Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers will receive access. Swallow some salt and judge the evidence for yourself.

Russian Battlefield fan site MyBattlefield grabbed the above screen from Origin Russia. Note the timeline of unlocks on the right side. It goes through all subscription goodies, starting with all Battlefield 3 DLC and ending on Battlefield 4 beta access.

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Sandmano2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Great hope this is true!

MurDocINC2765d ago

Enjoy your 2 day early beta access with limited number of servers which will be full and laggy.
But no worries, you'll have a full week of public beta after.

JoGam2765d ago

Very Salty with a side of vinegar.

MurDocINC2765d ago

Yes, it's a side effect when dealing with EA.


Premium was one of the best deals around.

llMurcielagoll2765d ago

And as the short paragraph mentioned, someone really swallowed some salt rofl

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Detoxx2765d ago

Now all the people who said Premium wasn't worth buying will shut up. Getting all DLC for a lower price, alot of Premium exlusive stuff and now the BF4 beta! I'm glad I purchased Premium

JohnApocalypse2765d ago

Ditto, I don't know why people have such a big problem with season passes

Upbeat2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Because the game was £40 and customers shouldn't have to pay extra for more content, i'm sure EA and Dice don't need the money my friend. You've basically paid £100 for a game if you have premium.

TekoIie2765d ago

I am personally very happy with my purchase for premium but lets be fair here. EA did go an change what they were offering with premium which meant most of the people who originally picked it up weren't getting what they paid for.

I think each map pack was meant to come with 10 new weapons and they stopped after Close Quarters I think. Unless you count the crappy Xbow... I dont.

ShoryukenII2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

My issue with Battlefield Premium was that I preordered the game assuming that they would not do that after EA's CEO publicly mocked Call of Duty Elite and promised that EA would do nothing of that sort.

Then, I see Battlefield 3 with Premium being sold for $60 several months later. If I had known, I'd have waited. Unfortunately, I was expecting a similar DLC model to Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Also, there are now season passes that do NOT include all of a game's DLC (like Uncharted 3). Selling a season pass that does not include all of a game's DLC is about as dishonest as it gets.

Crystallis2765d ago

Now they say this. Glad I didn't buy Medal of honor just to get access to BF4 beta.

Sandmano2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )


They should have learnt their lesson last time 48 hour early access LOL

iRocket2765d ago

A little sad that no new players won't be able to get to the beta, but I'm not complaining. Premium here, and ready for action!

Zha1tan2765d ago

The people who bought MOH warfighter for this are already getting screwed.

Typical EA.

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The story is too old to be commented.