Satin Silver PS3's shipping to Europe via online retailer

If you happen to live in Europe and have been searching frantically for a means of acquiring the brand new Satin Silver PlayStation 3, then you're in luck; retailer Super UFO is not only stocking the new SKU, but more importantly, will ship them to Europe...

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Cwalat3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Is it a JAP PS3 SKU
or are they shipping a EU SKU PS3 ?

ystrandz3962d ago

Hmm Good Question .. never thought of that

Cwalat3962d ago

my cousin in Germany said he bought a EU SKU from Japan for 249 Euros.
its not Japanese language or anything like that, its purely a EU version of PS3 and alot cheaper. plus he got DS3 EU version.

TwissT3962d ago

The silver looks good, but I still prefer the sexy gloss black Ps3.