PSP Content Pack for the month of October

The October PSP Content Pack has been released. This month features the G.A.P Killzone wallpaper contest finalist. Sadly, there is no demo this month; perhaps the new Killzone content will make up for it.

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SweetChaos6337d ago

i think monthly content packs would keep psp owners waiting and eager if they always came with demos but of course that wastes time and money of game producers, so i'll just have to wait another month and enjoy what they gave.


PlayStation Portal Hacked to Play PlayStation Portable Games

The homebrew scene managed to craft a new use for the PlayStation Portal and that's to play PlayStation Portable (PSP) games!

darthv721d 13h ago

would be cool to hack it to run retroarch, but the lack of expandable storage is somewhat of a downer. I have both a steamdeck and logetch gcloud for those emulators anyway.

Inverno1d 11h ago

Most likely will have a way to solder extra storage eventually, or replace the memory already placed in it. Will most likely have its price lowered this year, if it hits that 150 price tag and they can get retro arch running on it then it could well be worth the buy. Depends on how well it will run PS2/GC games.

Neonridr1d 9h ago

no normal person is going to open this thing up and solder or add-on to existing hardware.

Inverno15h ago

Well no normal person will know nor bother to jailbreak most of their electronics so that they can emulate games. But I'm not speaking about normal people.

Eonjay1d 11h ago (Edited 1d 11h ago )

How does it work on GCloud. How much space does it have? They are saying that there is 6GB of space on the Portal.

darthv721d 11h ago

the G-Cloud has 64gb built in as well as a micro sd slot for expanded storage. It plays pretty much anything before PS2/GCN just fine. It has some issues with certain PS2/GCN games but that could be the core that is used.

1d 12h ago
Agent751d 3h ago

Like the Amazon Firestick, it’s used mostly for dodgy apps/software. I’m not a tech expert, but lack of memory on this will hit sales. Sony could’ve been sneaky and followed the Firestick route to allow gamers to do whatever they wanted.

mudakoshaka1d ago

Something that Sony should have done to begin with. Jesus Christ, a screen that has minimal function and closed to Sony’s own peripberals. I wonder, did Sony change their logo to an apple?


REmake vs. Resident Evil 2: Which Remake Template is Better?

REmake kept the original style adding new flavour and graphics, Resident Evil 2 is a complete modernisation. Which remake style is superior?

TheBrainZ1d 21h ago

The GameCube remake was stunning for its time but the new modernisation efforts are breathing some much-needed life into the older games.

kevco331d 21h ago

I loved the GC remake back in 2000-whatever. But I tried replaying it recently and just couldn't deal with the door loading sequences.

Have I been spoilt by modern games? Probably.

Neonridr1d 19h ago

tank controls just don't work in this day and age.

Babadook71d 6h ago

I think Tomb Raider still works but RE I'm not sure.

Neonridr21h ago

@Babadook7 - imagine an updated Resident Evil or Tomb Raider with tank controls? you can't walk and turn at the same time. It would be ridiculous to play.

__y2jb1d 21h ago

Both are fantastic but the old style controls and the half way house attempt to modernize them in remake both feel extremely dated now. Taking away your preference for the various settings and characters, the recent remakes are objectively better games.

rippermcrip1d 20h ago

I think anyone voting for REmake is simply doing it out of nostalgia. No way a new young gamer is going to pick that over the new ones. I couldn't even get my son to play the game for more than an hour.

KyRo1d 20h ago

Nope. REmake has a totally different vibe, feel and tension that the newer remakes can't replicate due to the camera angle. Yes the original fixed camera was used for technical reason but at the same time, they created a feeling of dread not knowing what was around the corner. You simply don't get that with a third person camera as great as the third person RE games are.

FYouDad1d 10h ago

Depends what sort of experience you're looking for. If you enjoy the old fixed camera OG style then REmake is to me the pinnacle of the form. Incredible atmosphere, visual style and a fantastic revision of Resident Evil 1 with additions that feel completely seamless. Resident Evil 2 Remake in an excellent update (especially running with the IMO vastly superior original RE2 soundtrack) with the benefits of modern design but I still prefer the original game.. it didn't "overwrite" that experience in my mind the way REmake felt like it became the definitive RE1 experience.


GTA 6 Still Set for 2025, Significant Cost Cuts Coming but No Current Layoff Plans

"Grand Theft Auto" publisher Take-Two Interactive is working on an "significant" cost reduction plan following mixed earnings results for its October-December 2023 quarter