Army of Two = Ambiguously Gay Duo

Army of Two, the hyper violent and borderline immature take on "real" war has also possibly revealed another subtext: Life partnership between the two male characters? Is this Top Gun for the next-gen consoles?

From the article: "It just seems to me like they're not even trying to stay in the closet. When the pinnacle of the game is to deck out your Machine Gun in Gold, Rhinestones and fancy stenciling, you're not exactly staying on the downlow. No straight dude would get caught dead with the bedazzled SAW Machine Gun that I just used to slaughter 127 stereotypical Iraqi terrorists. The thing had more diamonds encrusted on it than Liberace's coffin."

You be the judge after checking out this humorous Review of Army of Two.

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GamerSigma3926d ago

Funny stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

M1am1U3926d ago

Bubble for the Seinfeld reference. Nice one.

Rice3926d ago

Good point.... Being gay is perfectly fine...

borgome3926d ago

No one gives a rip about Army of Two because EA is the developer.

GamerSigma3926d ago

Yeah, why would anyone give a crap about the number two developer of videogames... in the world. Reality, meet borgone, Borgone, meet reality.

m91058263926d ago

Actually... it's quite good. Good on EA for finally getting a decent game out that runs well on both systems.