Curious Behavior: SCEE Forums to accept PSN Login on Mar 16th

Just a reprint to get the rumor mill started. SectionZ from got this Email from the SCEE forums:

"Hello sectionz,

As a member of the Official European PlayStation Forums, this email is to inform you about some upcoming changes that will affect your Forum account.

During the next two weeks, the Forums will be joining forces with PLAYSTATION®Network. Soon, you will be able to use your PSN Sign In ID to log in to the Forums."

More at the source.

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SeanScythe4778d ago

This would stop a lot of people from just joining the boards and talking trash. But I hope it's related to home. This above image should be changed to something else since it doesn't talk about home at all.

TripleTags4778d ago

I didnt think about it that way .. FINALLY!

UnblessedSoul4778d ago

It's probably something to do with the open home beta, it's only for two weeks so I doubt it's to stop people talking trash, maybe it's just to help sony decide who to be in the upcoming beta?

Hatchetforce4778d ago

It is part of the unification of PSN and the Playstation online system. It will not only lead to a reduction in trash talking, but begin to identify those posers that join and claim to have a PS3 but in fact do not. Instead they are there simply out of fanboy rage to attack the system by more subtle means. It happens on this board as well. A great deal in fact.

pwnsause4778d ago

it probably has a lot to do with home, think about it, looking at your trophies via the official PSN or IM someone from your PC to the PS3, just like that concept that was shown last year during E307 but now integtated in the Official PS website.

StalkingSilence4778d ago

Hey this is the most interesting story I've read on N4G in a couple weeks. This definitely has me curious... maybe we'll see some integration for the US forums in the future as well.

Bleucrunch4778d ago

I am confused about this what site is this article talkin about?

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The story is too old to be commented.