Condemned 2 Ships for Xbox 360; PS3 Coming on March 18

Sega's survival-horror-FPS is on its way to Xbox 360, but the PS3 version has been pushed back a week. Is this an exclusivity deal, or just a programming issue?

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OpiZA3964d ago

But i'm sure it'll be made into something.

M1am1U3964d ago

I doubt this has anything to do with being some sort of exclusive deal. Hopefully this one is just as good as the first one. Condemned: Criminal Origins was one of the most underrated 360 launch titles, IMO.

picker3323964d ago

The picture you see look's like thomas(But i could be wrong),why do i have a feeling it could be the same ending as in the 1st one,being a monster or whatever.

m91058263964d ago

It's not a programming problem. If they do indeed plan on releasing in a week, it's far too late to fix any problems on either version. At this point, the discs are already stamped, and most likely shipped.