Video: OXM Awards 2008

OXM writes: "The OXM Awards 2008 took place last night at twentyfour:london, where we celebrated the winners of Xbox 360 games over the past 12 months in the only way we know how - a party!

After much arguing, crying, shouting and a little bit of blood was spilt in the office (not much though, just a bit), the OXM team finally nailed down the winners for each category, with the nominees and winners being revealed via a 20-minute video that you can watch by clicking the video over to the right.

And so, the winners on the big night were Assassin's Creed, PGR4, Ace Combat 6, Portal, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Pac-Man: Championship Edition, Skate and Call Of Duty 4. The Readers' Most Wanted award went to Grand Theft Auto IV while Game Of The Year award went to Call Of Duty 4."

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