Call Of Duty: Ghosts Will Be Coming Soon In The Month Of May?

Development of the latest Call of Duty game is said is currently underway. This rumor comes from community Drift0r commentator, who claims to get it from a very reliable source.

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irepbtown2126d ago

Not releasing on PS3/360 is what kind gave it away as utter bull. I think it's obvious it will be this gen and next gen release.

SilentNegotiator2126d ago

You just made me read "my ass" in Pop's voice. Bravo.

"community commentator's source" as a "reliable source"

Asuka2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

wasn't there an article on here a few days ago that debunked all of this????


imXify2127d ago

They are basically shooting themselves in the foot if they named it Ghosts

DeadSpaced2127d ago

Even Call of Duty: Spectre sounds better

CarlosX3602127d ago

I felt that the name seems out of place....

H0TSHELLZ2126d ago

I thought the same thing...........MW4 or nothing at all

Mikeyy2127d ago

Wtf is Ghosts? I must have missed something..

Mikeyy2127d ago

Thank you Carlos. And fucking lmao at the disagrees. You guys debate the fact I haven't heard of "ghosts". How could you possibly...

Rockefellow2127d ago

People who comment on disagrees deserve them. I disagreed with everything you posted, just because you felt the need to address it.

HammadTheBeast2127d ago

Relax, disagrees don't matter.

rezzah2126d ago

The only previous relation to anything "ghost" in COD is the character code named Ghost. I believe he was in MW2.

However, if you played the story for MW2 you'll know this game isn't about him. The video mentions that the game will be in the future like BO2.

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venom062127d ago

and STUPID IGN (the biggest CoD fanboy site on the planet), actually reported this unconfirmed rumor from that random Youtube person... WTF, seriously IGN?? anyway, another well known Youtuber has made a video showing why if this is true, it will be a complete fail for CoD...

CarlosX3602127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

This YouTube channel is a IGN Network Director, much like Machinima's network of YouTubers.

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The story is too old to be commented.