PS3 Comes to the UK

Stop the press! The PS3 is coming to England sooner than we all first expected, albeit only in limited quantities at this years 'The Best of Stuff Show'

Not only will attendees be playing Sony's future console, but it will all be shown on a gorgeous 63" plasma screen. Sony also confirmed that this will just be the start of events where the PS3 will be playable to gamers as they take the PS3 on the road.

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FKN Unbelievable5893d ago

They get to play a demo but will they have their own no.

kingboy5893d ago (Edited 5893d ago )

it`s in france already.. playstation stands are been set for the 28 october micomania game show and i`ll be playing gears of wars will be present on the floor.i`ll make pics and vids

Bill Gates I Am5893d ago

I wonder if anybody would have the guts to try and steal these machines. Not that I would condone such behaviour.

Arkham5892d ago

They can't spare any units for the smaller market, but at least they're making an effort to give them some attention. These events aren't cheap, you know.

ChickeyCantor5892d ago

english man 1: soooo this is the Ps3?
english man 2: whats the difference between ps3 and xbox360?
english man 1: frankly, there is no difference

The great 15892d ago

Sony brand is the best .............................. .............. Basically i asked my friend who sells electronics for a living and i said so which Hd TV make is the best, he said Sony are better than any other HD TV, he said that goodmans make is rubbish and LG, toshiba was nothing in comparrison to Sony, so Sony are the leaders in that market, so if i see idiots saying Sony wouldn't exist without windows, i saty lol, Sony invented DVD, they make the HD TVs ect! Sony no.1 WHY? Games, coolness, performance, best value ect!

Optimus Prime5892d ago

well you said nothing about the ps3. he said what is the difference between the xbox 360 and ps3. all you went on about is sony. No there is nothing different, it will be a choice of what a person wants. they will be great machines.

RuffRyder5892d ago (Edited 5892d ago )

So tell do you only see this friend at night in your wet dreams? you sad child.

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