IGN's Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review and Video Review

Condemned 2 doesn't make as big of a splash as its predecessor, but it does everything necessary to make a quality sequel. There are more features, fan complaints are addressed and it's still as spine tingling as ever. The story, though less akin to Swiss cheese than the first one was, is not as gripping and the game feels as if it lost its focus in the latter stages. As a sequel, the game doesn't have the originality the first had going for it and, as such, the shortcomings are more noticeable. The gameplay improvements are strong enough to overshadow these for the most part and you're still left with a wild ride.

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Winter47th3970d ago

A must buy, the first one was the best launch title for the 360, awesome atmosphere and out of the box scares 'zooming the camera on the lipless still kickin' teacher was priceless'.

BeaArthur3970d ago

I got my 360 after it had been out for a year and I only payed $8 for it. It was worth every penny, one of the scariest, maybe the scariest game ever. Nothing was worse than having the manikins in the department store jump out at you. After the first one I used the stun gun on everyone I saw after that.

Winter47th3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

It may have lacked in some aspects, but it was the best launch title back then 'the SAW-esque atmosphere helped sell me to it '

Silverwolf3970d ago

only scored a 8.7 from IGN. And I got more fun out of that game than most games that scored a lot higher.

xaphanze3970d ago

Thats what I needed from IGN.I'm getting this for sure.

xaphanze3970d ago

I can't find a ps3 review in the site.Does this mean something?

VaeVictus3970d ago

That they haven't reviewed it yet or haven't had a chance to post it yet. It has been delayed a week on the PeeEssTriple, so who knows?

BeaArthur3970d ago

Ps3 version has been delayed a week there was an article up about it earlier today.

xaphanze3970d ago

but as far as I know the reviewers already got the review code.

jackdoe3970d ago

That is true. Reviewers did get the review code.

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4cough3970d ago

No doubt its best played on 360.

rushbd3970d ago

4cough found a new home !!

guys look at this. a classic xbot. banned from official EU PS forum but created 20 accounts to troll. later IP banned .

troll alert !!

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The story is too old to be commented.