Why Xbox 720 will never be receiving games from Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream has been a PlayStation exclusive studio for a while now, and they recently confirmed their commitment to having zero desire of leaving the exclusive comfort of Sony, which means Xbox 720 won't receive any Quantic content anytime soon.

According to a report from CVG on Friday, Quantic Dream CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière talked about how the studio's relationship with Sony is solid and as long as they make games, it will be for Sony.

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iGAM3R-VIII4073d ago

This article is spot on, every point they made were right. The relationship with Quantic and Sony are solid and Sony as a publisher gives them the freedom to do whatever they want

StrongMan4073d ago

Exactly. Only Sony gives devs the freedom that they desire. Look at Insomniac. When they made games for Sony they were given total freedom to do as they pleased but they went multi plat with EA and look what EA made them do to their game. Rare even wanted to make Killer Instinct 3 but MS say no. http://www.notenoughshaders... Why do you think Bungie found a way to get out from under MS ownership? Quantic Dream wanted creative freedom and Sony is the only place to get it.

AngelicIceDiamond4072d ago

Ok well good for Sony? Can we exaggerate it even more? This isn't life or death for MS. MS has there own team?

I can't wait to see something from Remedy and Alan Wake 2 at E3 that's what I'm interested in.

This can be said about any studio that isn't owned.

darthv724072d ago

many reasons why a smaller developer will seek the umbrella of a larger publisher. It could be creative freedom as some say. Or it could be the financial backing that dev needs to get their project off the ground.

Part of the contractual obligations these companies sign into leads to the IP's being the main goal of the publisher more so than the staff that developed the game.

We have seen a few times where a game goes big and the original creative staff behind it are either let go or move onto something else but the IP is retained by the publisher and more titles are made to follow.

This is very common and by no means a big story. Im more interested in why QD is defending their stance? did someone ruffle some feathers saying otherwise?

Knightofelemia4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

I think people already know this Quantic Dreams stated they want to remain a Sony exclusive partner. As long as Quantic Dream is happy with Sony there other games won't appear on a Nintendo machine or a Microsoft machine. I hope Quantic Dream develops a Vita title sometime in the near future.

Bigpappy4073d ago

Why is this such a BIG story. I read this here already yesterday. QD is a quality developer, who decided, for what ever reason, that Sony is the console maker they want to release they games with. That used to be the case with Team Ninja and M$. These things happen. It is a plus for PS3 gamers if they like the studio, but it is definitely not a game changer by any stretch. So just cool it on the multiple submissions. We get it.

darthv724072d ago

I mean, did someone start a rumor that QD was looking to go multi or something?

CBaoth4072d ago

He was trying to stir up your "emotions".

ichimaru4073d ago

If they have a good thing going with Sony, the more power to them. There are a few articles that already cover this though.

CommonSenseGamer4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

So why is a studio staying exclusive to Sony presented as an attack on MS? Talk about insecure fanboys!

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