Rumor: SOCOM Confrontation bundle includes new Bluetooth headset

A supposedly leaked PowerPoint presentation revealed a new official Bluetooth headset for PS3. Set to lunch in July/August, the headset would retail for 50$ individually. More exciting, however, is SOCOM Confrontation bundle that's mentioned: both the game and headset would hit retail for 60$.

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HarryEtTubMan3969d ago

LMAO at Sony mocking the abomination that is the RROD.

Jandre023969d ago

Haha come on thats funny. I wonder if it gets three rings when the battery is dying.

decapitator3969d ago

Is not a rumor. It is real. From what I know, PS3 owners have been wanting something like this for a while and so Sony listened. Stand alone will be about $39.99 and about $69.99 with the game.

sonarus3969d ago

lol i dunno about 70 bucks. I already have a blue tooth headset

mintaro3969d ago

i think 70 is the same price i got for the original socom, also came with a headset

timmyp533969d ago

much like the warhawk retail version which included a mic. But they never sold the mic separately so maybe that is the official PS3 mic? Kindah expensive though eh?

Mr_Kuwabara3969d ago

Yeah usually anything with the Sony brand (Same goes with Nintendo and Microsoft) will be a little bit more expensive than that from other companies like Pelican, Logitech etc etc...

HighDefinition3969d ago

I`m pretty sure it`s only suppose to be $29.99 of PSN.

Didn`t they say that a while back?

sonarus3969d ago

well if its 60 then its considerable but i think i would still rather download this on my hard drive. Unless you can install it on the hard drive through the disc and not have to play it with the cd in it. The convenience of having games on your hard drive and not have to get up to change cd's is totally worth it. Regardless the headset looks really nice. Hopefully i can buy the headset solo at some point

Panthers3969d ago

Im pretty sure they are going to follow Warhawks pricing plan. $40 DL and $60 bundled.

MikeGdaGod3968d ago

i'd rather dl it so i don't have to switch disks. remember guys this will be important in Home! (game launching)

i like that headset though. i already have two but i might get it anyway.

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sonarus3969d ago

lol thats a pretty sweet lookin headset. Might get the retail version just for the headset. If not i would be more than satisfied with a hard drive download

mighty_douche3969d ago

but there's a little new information in the article. So i guess not a duplicate.

I hope that's the finalised design for the Headset, because i don't know about you guy's but i think it look's very stylish!

Rice3969d ago

OMG, thats so sexy...

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The story is too old to be commented.