Blu-ray Sales to Triple In 2008 But Wont Slow DVD - Analyst

Washington, D.C. (March 11, 2008) -- Blu-ray player and disc sales will likely triple in 2008, but it won't help reduce overall consumer spending on DVDs during the year.

That's the conclusion of a report from Pali Research's Richard Greenfield, as reported by Reuters.

Greenfield says Blu-ray's victory over rival high-def disc format HD DVD came too late to bail out the sagging DVD industry this year.

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decapitator3926d ago

Yeah I kinda see where this Analyst is coming from with this analysis. It seems BD's only contender right now is DVD, and unless BD's start flooding the market, people will still have doubts about it.

LJWooly3926d ago

Wow, decap, you've been bringing us a lot of news lately :)

Anyway, just like any new format, Blu-Ray needs a little time to settle. Eventually, it'll be the standard disc format, but not for a few years, at least.

Engineer3926d ago

This article is NOT talking about Blu-ray slowing down DVD's sales. It is talking about Blu-ray increasing the whole market sales. DVD sales have been down in recent years, and they're lumping Blu-ray into that category and still seeing a decrease. Can we try and look past the headlines and read the articles?

They speak of it not slowing down the already decreasing numbers (2% last year and a predicted 4-5% this year).

Double negative I know but it's what he's saying.

Breakfast3926d ago

Give it a couple years and blu-ray will be the new standard. Retailers are going to start selling only HD TVs and your going to need blu-ray to get your HD content. The majority of the population need HD TVs or else blu-rays technology becomes useless.

Enough with the blu-ray stories we already know that it won.

pwnsause3926d ago

its going to be time that will judge wether blu-ray will slowly kill the DVD or not. By the end of this year you will see that Hi-Def Market Grow at least in the US, these same people will buy blu-ray. Since TV broadcasting is switching to Digital Broadcasting, BD winning the format war and consoles are now becoming HD enabled, it wont be long until the consumer will make up a reason as to why they have to switch their old boxed tvs to a new shiny HDTV.

mighty_douche3926d ago

That's nothing, by the end of 2008 Digital Download's will increase 10 fold! Thats right, mighty_douche predict's a massive 10 people will be using DD.


But seriously, I think it's gonna be a few years before DVD's are really under threat from BR, it's gonna have to come down a lot in price first. I can buy a dvd player for £15.

LJWooly3926d ago

I don't even know why people think that DDL and Blu-Ray will even be competing; it's obvious that, if DDL does manage to find it's place in the mainstream market, it'll be co-existing with Blu-Ray.

Back on topic, yeah, I give it a few years too.

P4KY B3926d ago

But i agree that the majority of the public will go BluRay over the next 24 months.
Leaving DD to the geeks. Geeks like to be different.

mikeslemonade3926d ago

I doubt DVD will go unscathed. A demographic of the market that were buying DVDs will only be buying blu-ray movies now. That may only be .1% but those people who bought like 3 dvds per week are now buying 3 blu-rays every week exclusively.

Danja3926d ago

I think ppl are expecting BR to take over a lil too soon...DVD's took atleast 3 years to hit mainstream ....the PS2 helped ushered in the DVD BR will also take a lil while before it become the mainstream format.....the more ppl convert to HD the bigger BR gets...

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