Shareholder Sues Take-Two

A shareholder has sued Take Two Interactive because it allegedly kept the original take over offer from Electronic Arts secret and the company's executives used the offer as an opportunity to give themselves massive pay raises.

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decapitator3964d ago

Oh man, T2 is so gonna get bought. More suing when they just recently finished with Jack T ?

barom3964d ago

See what happens when shareholders involve themselves into these companies.

They break them. They got no love for games, only money. If they had love for both I wouldn't mind.

The Lazy One3964d ago

They increased their pay almost 5 times. That's rediculous considering they may not even get bought out yet. When considered as a cost to stock holders, the guy suing them has every right to be pissed.

Bladestar3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

hehe.. some things are innevitable... for example.. the negative reaction on people when told not to make extra money.... investors in general love companies takeover... since chances are that they shares will never get as high as what the buyer is paying... specially if one conciders the fact that very few shares (if any) in this industry pays dividents and the only way to make money is by selling the shares... Money talks... unless another company offers to buy them and over bid EA... this will happen... innevitable...

Tempist3964d ago

Whatever happened to principles and dignity over making a dollar?

Stubacca3964d ago

Take 2 has a great name. People respect it and they have done well for themselves as a company, recieving acclaim for their public relations and commercial successes.

At this rate, EA will own everything.

Bladestar3964d ago

LOL... are we talking about investment here?

Ok... fine... lol... I know many of you hate EA and Microsoft more than you hate the taliban, rapists, terrorism, and other serious evil crimes... and strangely may not be able to tell the difference...

you see.. microsoft and EA are not doing any of the above... simply selling software and games.... paying taxes.. and give lots of people employment... it's true that many of you have a console that you love and even a game studio... and you may like one game over the other...

"principles and dignity" ... lol... investors who don't even play games in many cases... can't really understand what you mean by that...

Stubacca3963d ago


Principles and Dignity go hand-in-hand with making great games. What you have to understand my friend is that both EA and M$ follow the expand and expunge strategy to business. We all acknowledge that turning profit is the means to which creative outputs reach consumers. But EA and M$ are out of line.

M$ makes money off EVERYTHING you buy on X-Box Live.

And EA does the same for downloadable content that is ridiculously overpriced.

But we need both. Just don't love them so hard, you'll get herpes or something...

RecSpec3964d ago

I'm guessing the one behind this lawsuit is connected to EA somehow, there is no such thing as a "coincidence" in the business world.