IGN - Deus Ex On The Wii U: Our Impression

IGN - We got to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut on the Wii U and it turns out it's pretty darn cool. Did they really fix the boss fights though?

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Godmars2902944d ago

Taking out the first boss by getting something else, a hacked turret, to take it out for you does not come off as doing it "without firing a shot" to me.

stragomccloud2944d ago

Oh pragmatics, pragmatics.

Gaming1012944d ago

lol I know right, it's about as passive as it gets when you're using a turret. What else could he do? Poison his drink? This isn't Hitman, it's Deus Ex, check the front of the box.

It's a damn crying shame they didn't patch the fixed boss fights into the PS3/360 versions... They just had to outsource the boss fights to a stupid dev that had no idea what the premise of the game was, that you could play the game in two different play styles (aggressive vs stealthy no kills). I mean what a crying shame.

RAFFwaff2944d ago

They mean without using Adams weaponry or just mindlessly fragging a boss. I mean, the bosses have to die in some way, right? Why be so anal about it?

Jadedz2944d ago

Gotta reward the effort.

Amigaengine2944d ago

Was throwing money at the game pad :)

RankFTW2944d ago

People who disagree need to play Deus Ex and get the reference.

PopRocks3592944d ago

Ooh, I like the concept of developer commentary. I like learning about how games are made. This build is shaping up really nicely.

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The story is too old to be commented.