Famitsu Chief Predicts Next Gen Sales

Most recently, Hamamura (President of Weekly Famitsu) has taken to speaking about next generation gaming.

Hamamura dished out some surprising sales predictions, which he cited as being based off surveys, launch titles and shipping information. He predicts that Wii to take lead initially, then give way to PS3; 360 to dominate through 2007.

tackleb0x6341d ago

If the president of gamepro released a statement of his predictions would it be news worthy? Famitsu is the same thing.

bilal6341d ago

and his prediction is based on a lot of surveys......

I agree, these predictions are not very useful or accurate at the end of the day, but the source is far more important than Gamepro

kewlkat0076341d ago

thi guy is somewhat accurate. That's the way I see it also. As I said before this is not th e PS2/dreamcast/Gamecube era. Sony won't and I predict will not see the same success as it did with the PS2.

How true gamers/fanboys/fanboyettes might see the consoles:

Wii - will do great at launch. Looks catchy and look at that price.

+virtual gaming(Nes,Snes,N64)
-seen as a kids console
-subpar graphics

Somehow nintendo knows how to stay alive just ask the Nintendo DS.

PS3 - Will be sold out the first coupld of batches.(we all know who will purchase it).

+gaming library of past 2 Gen consoles.
+Locust hordes of faithful followers
+Cell Chip(It still warrrants attention)
-Blue-ray(unnescassary price inflation)
-sony's strategy(online and flip-flop pricing)

Sony will do great at launch but will be a hard sell to casual gamers that have a PS2/xbox or both, and what they will purchase this time around. It's still a big Question Mark, and a tough sell. cough cough..$600

XBOX 360 - As the underdog and With a year under it's belt, I can only see the sales increase as it takes away some of sony's PS2 faithfuls. It will put a gash in sony's market regardless what "fanboys" or analyst will tell ya..

+Great backing with deep Pocekts.
+Strong gaming lineup for end of 06 to 07.
+Proven XBlive service(keeps getting better but not perfect)
- Too bad..."Not made in japan"
-Backwards compatibility..(could of been better)
-Top Japanese developers suport(it's coming along I hope)

With the xbox 360 ofcourse is far from a perfect machine but has a lot of steam ahead of it right now. Well with a year and great showings at E3, TGS and X06, I wouldn't doubt that. Unless you think so otherwise which is kewl. Seems to be the more support MS gets th e better the 360 will be recognizes in the video gaming industry. Still a tough uphill batter for MS, anyway you slice it.

Well this is what I think are the strong(+) and weak(-) points of all these consoles.

Only if you could put a super console together..hmm lets see

Now introducing the
wiiP360 - Greatest gaming console of all time(nuffsaid)

+Wii's intuative controler(with 360 controller as a back-up with tilt function)
+wii's nostalgic gaming lineup(zelda and others)
+X360' Live service(totally free, I mean everything)
+X360's Upcoming games
+PS3's gaming library of pst 2 consoles.
+PS3's Cell chip(hey why-not?)
-This sh!t will never happen...hehe


bilal6341d ago (Edited 6341d ago )

about the points made about 360...but

i think it only lacks in japanese style games....

i also think ps3 would itself have a great library

i think you should add to wiips360

ps3 library itself apart from last 2 gen....it would build soon
and the winner of next-gen media war...
hd-dvd addon from 360 or built in blue-ray player...(we can postpone it till 2008)!

kewlkat0076341d ago

About the PS3 upcoming Library, I think it will be a mix of new games but moreso sequals from past generations.

Ofcourse the 360 has japanese developers support but no major franchises like DMC4/FF series/MGS/RE/..etc(well atleast not yet), now thats full support for sony's machine.

It's still limited for the 360.(always pending) Notice all these games have hordes of followers and have multiple installments, again why I said the PS3 and its old-gen Library has been Key.

we haven't seen the next FFVII for the 360 machine, or that type of game I should say. Only Halo I would say comes close as people will get teh next installments and aswell bought an xbox just to play Halo. Hey I got PSone for FFVII and other games. I guess that would be called system seller.

I have no doubt GOW will do the same this time around for the 360 this holiday season.


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zacly5h ago

I thought I was the only one


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rpad1d 1h ago

wish it had a cameo by The Shocker from the Spider-Man comics

beerhound1d 1h ago

Or had used that song "State Of Shock" by The Jacksons and Mick Jagger.