Funcom: 'It's hard to imagine a company being able to compete with WoW any time soon'

Speaking to videogaming247, Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures product manager Erling Ellingsen has admitted that Activision boss Bobby Kotick's assertion that it would need $1 billion to successfully compete with World of Warcraft may not be far from the truth.

"It's hard to imagine a company being able to compete with World of Warcraft any time soon, and yes, it will definitely take a lot of resources to make that happen," he said when asked if he though Kotick was on the money.

Ellingsen added that he didn't see Funcom's upcoming MMO as a WoW competitor and that is was seeking a different audience.

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ngg123453962d ago

That is why second life is doing so well?

Genuine3962d ago

I don't PC game. As soon as Age of Conan makes it 360, I'll be a subscriber. I wish they would get on the ball.

LJWooly3962d ago

I'm in the same boat as you. PC gaming isn't worth the cost for me. Some gamers swear by it, though, so I won't badmouth it or I'll get eaten :(