The Last of Us- Pax Gameplay (Listen Mode and runners)

Take a look at off-screen gameplay footage of PS3's The Last of Us (part 3 of 3)

SOD_Delta4131d ago

This is BS....eighty seven more days till it's released. I....Can't....Wait!

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OlgerO4131d ago

Wow this is the game i am most looking forward to

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freezola754130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

You got 4 disagrees for saying the game is awesome Prcko.. Incredible, smh

This game looks amazing... I tried not to watch any of TLoU because I don't want to spoil it for myself.... but I caaaan't arrrgh!!

After that Cordyceps video, I got soooo intrigued at TLoU (I love Nature) that was some mind bending stuff!

Then for the Naughty Gods to take that REAL microcosmic concept (that actually happens in nature) and put that on a macrocosmic scale for entertainment and gaming purposes... well this is why they are top notch...

I actually am afraid to play it a little LOLOL... simply off of the sheer terror behind a world overran by this fungus!!

THIS IS GAMING. Engrossing, captivating, gripping.. can't wait!


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majiebeast4131d ago

There is a video of a guy trying to rambo his way through the pax demo only to get completely annihilated by clickers everytime, so stealth is a must which is good imo.

Here it is.

Why o why4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

neck chew every time. ...looks around...does it again...sad

cannon88004131d ago

I really hope there are way more death animations. I only saw the neck chewing one. That's not good enough if you think about it. It's a dark survival game and it's also suppose to be extremely violent. There needs to be more variety in death animations from clickers and other infected.

PSNTomaz4131d ago

To Cannon

what you want to see? a Clicker chewin away Joel's Nose in hand to hand combact?

cannon88004131d ago


Maybe you're not taking into consideration that The Last Of Us is suppose to have a campaign length of about twelve to sixteen hours. I'm pretty sure people will die a lot and seeing the same death animation every time would get very old. It won't ruin the game but it will lower the overall score.

Christopher4130d ago

@cannon: Yes and no. I get where you're coming from, but there are a lot more enemies you're going to come across other than Clickers. And, the fact that the only weapon the Clickers have are their teeth... it might be hard to come up with stuff that really adds variety that people will care about. Remember, they're not going to be ripping off your limbs because they're not super strong. Also, did you notice the last death was different?

cannon88004130d ago


yeah I guess it makes sense. I just hope that people don't think that I'm not supporting this game in any way because I very much am. This game is gonna be fantastic when it comes out, one way or the other.

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Bathyj4131d ago

Wow. Looks hard.
He bashes a runner then turns to another one, but then the first one jumps him from behind.

HammadTheBeast4131d ago

Lol I felt bad for him, he was so mad.

GenericNameHere4131d ago

Lol bald guy that died did what I always do when I die... Do the "WTF" hand movement :D

Game looks hard despite the Listen Mode telling you where the enemies are! Is it possible to finish the game without killing a single enemy, ala the MGS games??

Ezz20134131d ago

ND said if you can get past the demo at pax they will reward you

they know the game is not ...shoot ,run to cover to heal,shoot,run to cover to heal

the minute you try to play the game that way you are dead...DEAD i tell you

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Silly gameAr4131d ago

Even off screen, the game looks pretty impressive.

Ezz20134131d ago

yeah it look soo good and
if you watch here
the game show you how much open it is

ApolloTheBoss4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

I can't...I..I just can't. This is too epic for unworthy eyes. :')