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TheExecutive3902d ago

looks sweet... if its long enough.

M0KILLaU3902d ago

This is exactly what the psn needs more of great little games, can't wait for rearmed and now this. something better about being able to play a game without have to find the disc ( probably my laziness ). Love downloaded games!

whoelse3902d ago

lol im like that. Sometimes i think, lets play Warhawk, but i notice on the XMB i have COD4 in the PS3, so instead of putting the Warhawk disc in, i just play COD4.

gonzopia3902d ago

I'm exactly the same. It's amazing how lazy we've become. :)

PixelJunk Monsters, fl0w, and PAIN all get way more game-time from me than they really should. That's not to take away from those games, but I do play them a lot more than I would if they were on disc.

btkadams3902d ago

if theres enough content in it this should be great. some of the problems with these shooter games on psn is they lack stages/levels. super stardust hd only had 5 and despite everyone else loving it i felt kinda cheated. lets not forget calling all cars with its 3 (4?) stages.

Ju3902d ago

Superstardust HD has 5 planets with 5 levels each (or was that 4?). So, a bit more then 5 I'd say. Also that thing is so damn hard (at least for me), I am still on the third planet - but have to play it over and over again.

meepmoopmeep3902d ago

i like the fact that PSN games are new IP's and not a bunch of rehashed games of retro grade. I don't mind getting retro games but it's really nice to have all of these new games. awesome work sony.

Bazookajoe_833902d ago

Would be cool if it had multiplayer =)

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The story is too old to be commented.