Boomtown: Legendary: The Box First Look

Every now and again a game is released that changes something or sets a new benchmark. Halo, Gears of War and Bioshock to name just three. It's quite possible that Legendary could well end up on that list.

The game begins in Ney York City with Charles Deckard, a well-trained thief, finding and stealing a box. He has been hired by a scientist to steal certain objects. Here, "Pandora's Box" is opened, and a whole host of mythical creatures are released. It's now up to Charles, who has given society nothing, to resolve this crisis. The only person who can make a new box and seal the mythical creatures back up is the person who opened the box.

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gameraxis3964d ago

and it looked really bad, but here, it looks NASTY. I must have seen a pre alpha state of the game or something. I like the way the AI seems to take charge. A nice twist to play defensivly in a shooter instead of the constant offensive onslaught that most offer ... Opinions??