Next Mass Effect game will be 'fresh and new'

GS:BioWare executive producer Casey Hudson says next game in series will offer new ideas; feature film with Legendary remains in production.

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Dark112038d ago

It will be in first person view , mark my words people.

techsvengali2038d ago

it will be the first one I don't finish or maybe even start then

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32038d ago

It will come with deodorant and a bar of soap.

silenius2038d ago

Please let the mass effect franchise die. At least for the next 2 years...
We all had enough milk from that cow...

EA should invest that money to
A) make the dragon age franchise playable and fun again.

B) make the Dead Space franchise playable, scary and fun again.

C) make a new IP.

MysticStrummer2037d ago

The next Mass Effect game will be a complete non-factor in my gaming life. Despite how cold the ME2 demo left me, I went ahead and bought the trilogy based on all the accolades. ME1's story kept me going through the game, though the shooting gameplay was so stale I couldn't stand to play for long periods of time. ME2 bored me so much I traded the game in before finishing it. ME is just another series whose popularity I'll never understand.

AngelicIceDiamond2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I want it to be MMO styled. Or Co-op of sorts.

I dunno I really enjoyed the game despite the ending. No matter what ME will be put through the EA machine and cripple it.

Luckily all the crap EA's doing is optional and won't be affecting me.

DeadlyFire2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Watch Destiny and see how EA buckles to follow it in 2014 with Mass Effect 4.

I am a little scared we will see this AI child come back and say you still suck, game over, good bye in Mass Effect 6 as he nukes your world. I have never felt more trolled by a developer than watching that unfold in Mass Effect 3 for the first time.

I don't expect full MMO of any kind in Mass Effect 4 or we will be waiting until 2018 or so to see it arrive, but if Bungie sets a new bar someone is going to try to compete with them.

PooEgg2037d ago

Regarding: "Luckily all the crap EA's doing is optional and won't be affecting me."

Gamers are foolish to believe this, but I suppose back in the days of horse armor there were also gamers who said "luckily horse armor is optional and it won't be affecting me". Now we pay full price for partial games and pay extra for the DLC to complete the experience, because the only other choice is to stop playing the games we love.

MysticStrummer2037d ago

A Mass Effect MMO would be the only option that would make me consider buying another ME.

Jobesy2038d ago

The only thing "fresh and new" is going to be the big dookie EA/BioWare take on its customers.

BDSE2038d ago

It will be micro-transactions and day one dlc.

aLiEnViSiToR2038d ago

If that happens i will personally make a deal with Reapers um i mean "fictional" Reapers *rolls eyes* and bring their wrath on EA/Bioware :]

Long live RPG Mass Effect !!!

MuhammadJA2037d ago

IF it's FPS, then I might get it.

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Jaqen_Hghar2038d ago

should have a new enemy besides the reapers

majiebeast2038d ago

Its gonna be more dudebro.

Reverent2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Dude, I hope not, bro.

MysticStrummer2037d ago

Nah EA will innovate by creating the first brodude game instead.

Bumpmapping2038d ago

R.I.P MassEffect you where great while you lasted.

superterabyte2038d ago

Why they aren't releasing the game annually (every 2 years) and each game has improved on the last. They include lots of content and a pretty decent multiplayer in mass effect 3 which I reluctantly tried because it tied into the single player, and it wasn't bad.

I'm sure the next mass effect will probably be set further into the future and the possibility's are endless.

MikeMyers2037d ago

You have a great universe to explore, Mass Effect was only one part of it.

matrixman922038d ago

first person shooter...with microtransaction weapon skins. Get the exclusive Bacon Weapon skin by buying specially marked bags of doritos

Conquerbeard2038d ago

You forgot about the Triple XP bonus codes from bottle caps of Mountain Dew.

meatnormous2038d ago

Bioware will never do a triple xp or triple credits event. They were asked time and time again to do this for ME3 MP and they simply won't do it, messes with their micro transactions. They just quit on ME3 after a dlc was released 3 weeks ago, I'm salty at Bioware/EA for this.

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