Top 7 Death Rattle Games

Games Radar would like to think that every developer sets out to make the perfect game. But as budgets swell, stockholders throw tantrums, and release dates draw near, there's a whole myriad of snafus that can explode in the face of well meaning folks. Plenty of titles spit in the eye of gamers' expectations and miscarry at retailers every year - that's not special. These games are the great white whales that tanked so hard they dragged entire companies down with them.

In a comic book scenario, the failure of these games would have driven their creators mad, forced the top-level CEOs into underground exile and turned them into white-collar supervillains, much to the amusement of all. Sadly, people live in the real world. And these epic failz resulted in the mass shitcanning of otherwise talented game makers.

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