Neither Xbox 'Durango' nor PS4 Will Block Used Games

It’s the rumor that just won’t die. In an effort to keep money in the development world and out of Gamestop’s pockets, Microsoft, Sony, or both plan on restricting or blocking used games with the PS4 and the rumored “Durango.” New leaks point toward this all the time. The internet responds with predictable rage.

It’s become a subject of debate here on Forbes, with both Jason Evangelho and Paul Tassi weighing in. Evangelho says that a used games restriction would drive gamers to another platform, but argues that because companies lose money on hardware, those cheap gamers would actually become a financial burden. Tassi is skeptical, mentioning the mint that Microsoft makes off of services as well as how developer support could affect the situation either way.

1upgamer994044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

The rumor, at least for PS4, was because of Patents that Sony requested that would block used games. Who knows if Sony will actually use the patent though. They had a similar one for PS3.
I have to say, I hate the name Durango. Why would Microsoft name it console after a Mexican State or a Dodge. Those are the two things that come to mind when I hear Durango.

Blaze9294044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

if you really think it'll be called Durango, this is why "journalist" need to stop spewing all this misinformed bs about things they don't know to gullible consumers. Ever heard of codenames?

"Next xbox will spy on you!" - can only imagine how many people will take that out of context and believe it.

Conzul4044d ago

Better to worry about something that isn't there than to not about something that is.

Zool 084044d ago

Yeah like Sony named theirs Orbis

Sucitta4044d ago

did Kinect end up retaining the name Natal?

how can you be so ill informed aka dumb?

it DISGUSTS me how easily media can distort the average joe's thoughts.

no wonder we live in the twisted greed driven world of today. people are just far too stupid to know any better and we allow conscious minds to prey on these poor stupid lazy sloths that vote every year..

how can you really not understand the concept behind a codename for a product that is still in development?

jeeves864043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

When you press the Shift button, it makes your letters capitalized. It DISGUSTS me that you don't understand that.

Lighten up, dude.

Knight_Crawler4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

This is very logical and cannot believe that some people are letting some rumors that were probably made up by some bored kid in his basement make them think that Sony or MS are crazy enough to do this.

As much as some people want all these rumors to be true, its just not a good move financial wise, specially in this economy where people are trying to budget everything (Apple fanboys not included)and going with everything cheaper.

Next gen will not blocked used games and next gen consoles sales will not be determined on power but how much entertainment each console has to offer at the cheapest price.

TheKayle4044d ago

no always on required no used game blocked....we already know this....journalist wanna just clicks

roshi19874044d ago

Cause Forbes needs clicks...

TheKayle4044d ago

sure they need.....sound crazy? lol

AngelicIceDiamond4043d ago

Well, "journalist's" write the most insane and inaccurate pieces. barely any other site approves of it but, they know N4G will. And N4G will gobble it up and believe aaanything. N4G would approve a story saying you can fly! Jump off your roof now! And N4G would believe it.

N4G is full of severely weak minded individuals.

Jek_Porkins4044d ago

I don't think anyone believed they would, certainly if they were thinking that, by now with all the uproar they would have ditched the idea. I actually think we'll see Online Passes for every game next gen to combat used sales, which I'm fine with.

Honestly I think companies like used games, it means their games are selling, new people get the chance to pick them up and might get interested in a series and buy the next game new.

Blaze9294044d ago

the problem I have with online passes is IF, Sony joins Microsoft in charging to play online next gen - then automatically online passes need to go away.

If it's just Microsoft continuing to charge to play online, then the next xbox needs to do away with online passes for Gold members. The SOLE objective of gold is to pay to play online. Why are there online passes essentially doing the SAME thing on top of an Xbox LIVE subscription?

For silver members, yeah maybe online passes should be set for free subscribers. But no way in hell am I going to be content with online passes returning next-gen for Xbox LIVE gold subscribers.

Pay to play online to Microsoft...then pay AGAIN to the publisher to play THEIR game online (if acquired 2nd hand). Gtfooooo

Jek_Porkins4044d ago

Well Xbox Live is a great way for Microsoft to recoup money that otherwise would be lost on used games, they seemed to have that planned out well in advance. To clarify my earlier statement, I don't think Microsoft will ever have an Online Pass in addition to Xbox Live Gold Membership.

ALLWRONG4044d ago

That's why they call these things rumors and speculation.