Developer Ted Price's Commentary on Resistance: Fall of Man

In his PlayB3yond commentary, Resistance developer Ted Price gives us more insight into the game's story (including the game's protagonist Nathan Hale), its enemy types and AI, Blu-ray and Cell, and his appeal to the Japanese market to accept what may culminate into being one of the genre's finest experiences.

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Jaireme15899d ago

I really hope the online gameplay is up and running at launch. If you listen to Ted around 4:45 he says offline and offline. Hope thats not a sign of whats to come. A little disconcerning!

VirtualGamer5899d ago

You might like to looks at another post that has Ted talking and showing how online will work for RFoM. I am sure it will make you feel alot better.

zypher5899d ago

he said offline and offline, then corrected it by saying offline and online. it was an error.