Strategy Informer: Army of Two Review

On the whole, Army of Two is really a stand-out title when it comes to stressing the importance of teamwork. Being built around cooperative gameplay, it really is a game to sit down and play with a friend; the AI is competent, but relying solely on it makes for a shallow experience that isn't as rewarding. A few of the co-op features feel a little gimmicky, but ultimately work in their implementation.

The game looks good overall, but has moments where it's gorgeous; and with a soundtrack put together by a Hollywood composer (Trevor Morris), coupled with distinct in-game dialogue and sound effects, Army of Two is a strong technical title. The game is really a welcomed step-up in cooperative gameplay; it's just disappointing that the campaign is so short.

Graphics - 9
Sound - 9
Gameplay - 8
A.I. - 7
Value - 7
Overall -

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