PS2 not powerful enough to handle Disgaea 3

Disgaea 3 certainly doesn't look "next-gen" at first glance. However, Nippon Ichi swears that this title simply wouldn't be possible on any other platform. Marketing coordinator Jack Niida, commented about the game's sprites, and the complexities they feature:

"It's simply because PS2 lacks the processing power and memory capacity to support Disgaea 3," Jack told Joystiq. "PS2 could not load the same amount of data on to memory and process it like the PS3; therefore, we decided to develop it for the next-gen platform." He added that "the character sprites for Disgaea 3 take 3~4 times the amount of labor to create compared to Disgaea 2," and the team is "doing our best to improve the sprites."

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Palodios3964d ago

That sounds really surprising to me. I personally don't think that the ps2 could handle games like Final Fantasy 12, but have trouble with disgaea 3. Oh well, I'm sure I'll probably end up playing it anyway.

mintaro3964d ago

i have to agree with you, after putting out a game like FF12 its hard to believe that the PS2 cant run this

ruibing3964d ago

At least it helps them make the transition into the new hardware.

Regret3964d ago

Looks like SH1T! They could at least put some high-res textures...

crck3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

I'm sure the game will still be good but this reminds me of the low res sprites slapped on to Hi res backgrounds that those Capcom VS games use to do. Its just lazy, looks ugly plus gives the impression that the game is unfinished and just slapped together.

Palodios3964d ago

I don't think its the matter of being lazy, more being deceitful. The small rpg developers like NI and Atlus have gotten the shaft with next-gen because they just don't have the same kind of resources Square or MS-backed Mistwalker or the like have. They've developed mostly on gameplay and not about graphics. I don't know if their games sell so poorly because of the graphics, or that they can't afford to make games with good graphics, but their games are usually pretty solid. Maybe they just don't have the time or energy to optimize disgaea 3 for the ps2?

All I know is that I'd rather have them making games than not.

VirusE3964d ago

Considering i still had hair on my head when the PS2 came out this isn't that hard to believe. The PS2 is tired, it has carried the gaming world on its shoulders for years and is long over due for a rest.

Itachi3964d ago

interesting that your avatar is of a character with a head full of hair

VirusE3964d ago

LOL bubble your way for the excellent slam. I guess i never noticed that. Maybe i should use agent 47 as my avatar.

Itachi3964d ago

no diss buddy it was just intreeging, agent 47 lol nice one

MiniMii3964d ago

Not having the proper skills = not the same as console not powerfull enough.

After GOD2, almost anything (other than the next gen powerhouses) is possible on the PS2.

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The story is too old to be commented.