Capcom wants the Community Feedback

Today at Pax East Capcom announce today that they are working on a update for the Super Street Fighter 4 and the biggest surprise is they want your help. They are asking the community for help with character changes so if you want your favorite character to be top tier go to the link below and put in your word.

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Arai2033d ago

My feedback: make proper HD remixes instead of simply porting old 2D games and charging "near" full price.
I'm still waiting for a true HD version of SF3...

HammadTheBeast2033d ago

Why? It's the same thing. Just like the other Ultimate, Super, Turbo, Awesome ones.

caseh2033d ago

You missed out Alpha and EX+ :D

CRAIG6672033d ago

I too would LOVE a true HD SF3

jc485732033d ago

just stop making your fans mad.

r212033d ago

Support the vita more!

Myst2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

You all know this is for Street Fighter IV balancing right o_O?

zerocrossing2033d ago

So "Capcom you suck!" wouldn't be appropriate feedback?

KrimsonKody2033d ago in, not Super Street Fighter IV balancing?

Myst2032d ago

<_< You know what I meant Sir! :p

DragonKnight2033d ago

"Capcom wants the Community Feedback."

It's too late Capcom. Besides, you don't really care about community feedback, as evidenced by all the bans on Capcom-Unity whenever anything negative was said about DmC. You'll pretend to listen then not implement anything. You really want things to improve? Change yourself for the next gen to what you were in the PS2 days.

wishingW3L2033d ago

they are always asking for feeback only to ignore it. How many polls about remakes, characters to put in UMvC3, new games Megaman X has won and still nowhere to be seen?

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The story is too old to be commented.