Motor Storm Hands-On

IGN climbed behind the wheel of the latest build of MotorStorm to give the mud-caked racer a thorough going over and (off)road-test its garage of turbo-charged gas-guzzlers to the limit.

FKN Unbelievable6196d ago

The same track i been seeing for the last 2 years.

specialguest6196d ago

i know you 360 boys like to point out the current flaws, but before you do, keep in mind that the game is still not complete yet. the game is in it's polish/balance stage right now and those speed issues and other bugs should be fixed by the time the game is released.

calderra6196d ago

The one valid complaint: This game is sslllloooowwww.... it needs a boost on the order of 2x-4x as fast to get up to interesting speeds. This does concern me greatly...

The game seems to have a very stable framerate, a very stable build, and very solid action. But under the hood, it's moving at about a fourth of the speed it should be going.

Why, exactly, would a dev make a game at a slower pace, and then suddenly ratched up the game's base speed in the last month or so of development? Would EVERYTHING turn out wrong in the end? The animations and gravity are set perfectly right now... speed up the game, and everyone would look like they were going in fast-motion on normal-speed autos.

And if the game needs to be sped up, does that mean we're going to see cuts in graphics and framerate to accomodate all the action that's going to suddenly be pushing on the processor when this happens?

Something smells really, really fishy around this "speed" issue.

DJ6196d ago

Dude, this isn't Burnout, haha. I think it needs to be about 40% faster, max. IGN was basically testing the TGS version in their offices and Evolution Studios is listening to people's complaints. They're making the final version of the game faster than what we saw at TGS so everything should be fine by then.

Jay da 2KBalla6196d ago (Edited 6196d ago )

This looks really good. Too bad I hate off-road racers but this game looks very realistic.

The great 16196d ago

So Sony has 1 catagory in the winnign league and it's the racing genre something Ms always fails at!

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Revisiting PS3 classic Motorstorm - The driving celebration that should never have ended

Digital Foundry : Evolution Studios' Motorstorm is one of the first, finest and most fondly remembered of launch titles for PlayStation 3. It's a release designed to answer the question posed by each new console generation: what makes a game 'next-gen'? With its robust physics engine and massive tracks, Motorstorm serves up a bold affirmative answer to this question, delivering an experience that could never have existed on prior console hardware. At the same time, the path to release was fraught with challenges that almost serve as a microcosm of the PlayStation 3 release situation itself. It was a success, however, with a trilogy of PS3 releases, plus PSP, Vita and even PS2 off-shoots.

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RaidenBlack499d ago

After Driveclub and Onrush, the dev team will now contribute to and assist with the development of the upcoming NFS.

darthv72499d ago

I would give anything to have a full compilation of the series remastered to play on PS5 with full DS support. Feeling the deformation of the tracks as you race in pacific rift or the snow laden tracks in arctic edge... that would be sweet.

MastaMold499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

Yes MotorStorm World Tour for PS5 damn it Sony make it. The Desert, Pacific Islands, The Arctic and City races.

Army_of_Darkness499d ago

Motorstorm Pacific rift was awesome! I think MotorStorm: Apocalypse was what killed the franchise due to its change of direction...

darthv72499d ago

Pacific rift is the best (IMO) but apocalypse wasnt what killed it. At least it was still somewhat of a MS game. The RC one is really a departure from the norm. None of which were bad as they were all fun in their own ways.

Army_of_Darkness499d ago

Lol! I completely forgot about the RC version.

Knushwood Butt499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

RC was a blast to play on Vita.

Apocalypse had unfortunate timing due to the 3/11 earthquake in Japan. I never got around to playing that one.

Evolution had some harsh experiences. I had Driveclub from launch and the server issues weren't that bad and certainly didn't prevent you from enjoying the game.

ABizzel1499d ago

Agree Apocalypse didn't kill it, it's just racing games in general just became less popular nearing the end of the PS360 generation as it was flooded with medicore racers and the extremely niche but enjoyable ones like Motorstorm, Blur, Spilt Second, and Forza Horizon (still going strong, but actual sales have been decent fro a racer, and often expanded by console bundles and now GamePass)

But since the PS4/XBO generation had a lack of arcade racers, it's a prime time for games like this to come back.

I've said for the longest, the additional income of PS+ Premium should be used for, Remastering, Remaking, or recreating sequels / spinoffs of classic PS franchises to launch into the service. Many PS3 games fit this mold of looking good enough that a quick remaster to 4K@60 with better texture maps would give them near PS4 quality.

Remasters: A game like Motorstorm look good enough where it can simply be remastered in 4K @ 60fps, and have better textures for mud, mountains/rock structures, and vehicles and it would hold up WELL.

Remakes: Games like Legend of Dragoon, Warhawk (could be a simple remaster also), and so many others could get remakes like FF7.

Recreates: Shorter sequels/prequels/spin-offs to other classic PS IPs like how Infamous First Light / Blood Festival (BF was a highly underrated vampire game) and Uncharted Lost Legacy. Give spin-offs to things like Heavenly Sword, The Order 1886 (1786 or 1986), Puppeteer, Tokyo Jungle, and more.

ABizzel1499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

This is also why Sone NEEDS to get PS3 emulation up and running. It gets rid of all the PS3 server farms and replaces it with software that can work on EVERY future PS console with updated coding.

At bare minimum emulation could double the resolution and framerates of all PS3 games making many of them 1440p@60fps without any real work, and a few 4k@60fps.

As for full-on remakes again updating to 4K@60fps with completely revamped textures, and an option for 1440p@60fps with global illumination can make these games shine with a new lease on life.

Also I'm still waiting on my DriveClub 1440p@60fps update 😭

ChiefofLoliPolice498d ago

Apocalypse was actually pretty good i don't think that's what killed the series. PR was the best though.

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Kurt Russell499d ago

I was late to PS3 and Pacific Rift was the first game I picked up on it... huge miss to not have one on PS4, hope it gets some love on PS5 (as well as Ridge Racer and Wipeout).

akurtz499d ago

Only driving game i enjoyed.

darkrider499d ago

Really cool franchise. It's shame it ended

RosweeSon499d ago

Never really got into it myself I remember getting it with ps3 and being a bit underwhelmed I preferred the RC version they did for vita 🙌🏻🤣

EvertonFC499d ago

Going from ps2 to ps3 was not underwhelming when I first played motorstorm, it was like nothing we'd ever seen before ?