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Destructoid: "After Saints Row: The Third was finished, developer Volition wondered where they could take the next entry in the open world series. For Saints Row IV, the team took the two biggest key things from the third game: the completely over the top nature and the fun factor that came with all the absurd stuff you would do."

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aLucidMind2061d ago

I was not interested in SR4 after SR3. SR4 details came out, made me more disinterested; and this has made me even more so.

If anything, Volition is at least consistent in how they run their biggest franchise into the ground.

TheGrimOfDeath2061d ago

In my opinion I think we should give the game a chance before we diss it. I heard that MP is now in the game and that it is interesting in it's own way.

Lets just wait for the release first then hate or love it.

I have dissed the game in the past and I regret it now since I want to see if it will be good. Never judge a book by it's cover.