BioShock Infinite Review: What Questions Do You Have?

"Next week we will be posting out BioShock Infinite Review and want to make sure we make a review that YOU the reader are interested in reading."

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aLucidMind2127d ago

Mine is simple: will it be as good and as refreshing as the first Bioshock was?

aLucidMind2126d ago

I would hope so, especially in terms of how strong the world felt. Rapture was like a character all its own; you could just feel that this was a utopia-that-wasn't kind of place. It truly felt forlorn and you felt the pain of it's current and former inhabitants. In Bioshock 2, that feeling wasn't anywhere near as strong. Still looking forward to seeing whether Infinite's world will be as powerful.

admiralvic2127d ago

Anyone else think it's sad this "professional" site is asking others to practically tell them how to review the game? I can understand covering the things people want to know, but any mediocre or better reviewer / critic should know it will all come down to covering the basics and mentioning how it does against the original title or how many winks does it have to do the original.

EbeneezerGoode2127d ago

orginal bioshock was all hype - this one probably still suffers from mediocre gameplay but overblown plot/story. Shame they can't get the actual gameplay part as good as they think the story is, the shooting etc? Splicers were the most boring/annoying enemies in any FPS - and the jittery animations and crappy slow speed physics didn't help. The garish cartoon world already looked dated on release and I think this will too (esp on console).

They are honestly over hyped games, and this one will be too, but it may be enjoyable for what it is if you go in with low expectations. I prefer the theme of rapture but I think this game may have better 'gameplay' and execution, just, but it'll be a far cry from the perfect gameplay in other good FPS that don't have FOV and control problems!

The shots already look ridiculously low FOV on consoles, talk about headache, irrational never learn!

Sketchy_Galore2127d ago

Call me crazy but I get a strange feeling from your comment that you don't really like Bioshock all that much. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it, I just get this weird subtle vibe that you're not a big fan.

EbeneezerGoode2127d ago

It's called being a gameplay and ergonomics fan. I don't let wanna be novels/movies distract me from flaws in games.

pythonxz2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

What games do you hold in high regard, eb?

EbeneezerGoode2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Half Life 2 (esp episode 2), Original Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Uncharted series, Resi 4, new tomb raider's decent... blah blah... really is it relevant?

Bioshock WAS over-rated, simple. I was so up for it at the time but it was released with a slew of problems (on PC) and once you got past the cool story the underlying gameplay was plodding and badly engineered.

Level design was scruffy, garish even, so many lose ends and bad textures. Guns were weak and it had flawed gameplay where it was easier to whack them on the head with the wrench or whatever than to try and use 'tactics'.

Physics were capped so all the barrels blowing up, or even 'wet texture' updates were at 12fps or something stupid, made the game feel jittery. Controls were nerfed and not fixed until 'we' convinced them (and the FOV) i was one the guys from Widescreen gaming forum who bought it day one and ran into problems and posted loads on 2k's forum about it to get it sorted. Finally they agreed it was a problem.

Technical issues aside, as said, the gameplay let the concept down, and all that rooting through bins and listening to audio logs were just ridiculous and hacky.

It's just my opinion but the concept was amazing, the execution was lacklustre, and I can't help thinking the same from what I've seen of Infinite, you'd think they would learn how to implement comfortable FOV by now after the bioshock mess.

Basically i would have loved a different developer and a MUCH better engine than UE3 to have been used (for all the games), put in the imagination that they did but actually polish the gameplay/gunplay to modern standards! Would have been an amazing game then!

Oh and while we are at it get rid of the stupid health bars over splicer's heads! WHACK A MOLE!

pythonxz2127d ago

I respect your opinion, I'll just leave it at that.

jronj2127d ago

People keep posting spoilers in the comment section of anything that has to do with Bioshock Infinite.
Don't Risk Read Anything unless you want the supposedly huge plot twists ruined.
I'm afraid I already have...