Could Sony buyout Insomniac if FUSE fails?

In the beginning, Insomniac's future seemed secure. They now had a second source of income due to being multiplatform. They still had their ties to Sony as they continued with the Ratchet and Clank franchise. And lastly, they still managed to be an independent company.

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Godchild10202037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

If Fuse fails, I don't think Sony will buy them out as quickly. They will have to earn and gain Sony's trust and money again. How well the game after Fuse does determines if Sony would seek to make them first party (but that is any company).

I don't want Fuse to fail, but I don't really see any buzz around the title and with the delay, I don't know how it will do.

guitarded772037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Insomniac has said they don't want to be bought by Sony, and that they like their relationship with Sony the way it is. I don't think FUSE failing would wipe out Insomniac, they have a pretty good track record, so if FUSE did fail, I'm pretty certain they could recover. All they'd have to do is put out a decent R&C game, and they'd be in good position again. I doubt they'd risk making another resistance if FUSE failed as sales of R3 weren't spectacular if I remember correctly.

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guitarded772037d ago

@ TrollExterminator

Sure, but it's a hell of a lot easier to bounce back when you have Sony funding a Ratchet or Resistance game for for them to make.

HyFackingDro2037d ago

first of all fuse will fail, insomniac never made anything good, R&C was ok and RFOM was decent because ps3 had nothing at the time if the game came out today even with updated graphics it would be trash. All that said Sony has never been in the business of buying out anybody, why do you think they lost every exclusive they had from 3rd party devs last gen?

madjedi2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

@hyfackingdro(why am i even bothering) "first of all fuse will fail, insomniac never made anything good, R&C was ok and RFOM was decent because ps3 had nothing at the time if the game came out today even with updated graphics it would be trash."

Biggest post of bullshit i have read in a while. R&C is a hilarious and solid series, rfom was a kickass game then and it would be even better with upgraded graphics.

Perfect example of a bandwagon fanboy mentality to me, insomniac was a good dev till they went mp, then the games became just okay or shitty.

Insomniac is still a good studio regardless of if they are exclusive or mp. You have fanboys, then you have the lost in space ones.

The only remotely bad game insomniac made this gen was all 4 one, and that is because it was not a regular r&c game.

" All that said Sony has never been in the business of buying out anybody, why do you think they lost every exclusive they had from 3rd party devs last gen?"

Maybe because expanding it's first party lineup is smarter than trying to buy 3rd party exclusives, which have essentially died off due to dev costs.

And how many former 3rd party exclusives are doing well these days, most of the japanese ones minus street fighter not so much.

gaffyh2036d ago

While I don't see FUSE selling well at all (Pachter seems to think it will sell 5 million), I also don't see Sony buying them out. Insomniac has said that they want to be independent, and that won't change unless they are really in trouble and don't want to downsize. Plus, FUSE won't be the only game they are making as they have three teams I believe.

Jazz41082036d ago (Edited 2036d ago ) can ask Sony that same question. Not trying to start a flame war but i believe insominac is in much better shape then sony even though most of the n4g faithfull are trying hard to forget about sony problems but unfortunaley they are Rea and I truly believe once all next gen sytems are laid out on the table with nomore rumors to go on this will be right back in the spotlight when then competition starts. Remeber its not about games or console sales when it comes to sony its abiut profit and that is why they are in trouble. Im sure i didnt say anything anyone else did not allready know. Im looking to be a gamer and own both consoles like last gen and keep off these opinion boards more then ever as they have no say in the big picture.

dcbronco2036d ago

I'm not sure what insomniac is worth, but what makes anyone think Sony can afford to buy them. Sony is selling assets and closing studios. They already have the rights to R & C. Why would they buy the company if they could afford to?

_-EDMIX-_2036d ago

Agreed. Though Insomniac is a fantastic studio, I don't feel Sony wants to buy a team that doesn't want to be bought. (remember Rare...)

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chaos-lockheart2037d ago

Sony should not buy Insomniac, Sony owns some Square Enix stocks, so I think they should pay the rest and buy them out. And demand them to make better games and more JRPG's.

Root2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Sony buying Square Enix would be amazing....

I mean they'd have some work to do with Squares side like stop them making crappy FF games and focus on getting the series back on top form, but on Enix's side...all the things they publish Hitman, Deus Ex, Just Cause would be theirs...even Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts. That would be amazing

CommonSenseGamer2037d ago

They should have purchased PixelJunk as I see they have announced their next game for PC and have also optimised it for the 360 controller.

Mr_Writer852037d ago

They own like 8% I don't think they could afford to buy the rest.

Knushwood Butt2036d ago

@ CommonSense

PixelJunk is just a brand name, not the name of the studio.

The studio is called Q-Games, and they've made stuff on a load of different platforms, including Nintendo.

chaos-lockheart2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )


"Mr_Writer85" is correct, the 18% was before enix. Enix bought more shares then Sony, and was the 2nd share holder. Sony now owns 8.25%. "Sony acquired 18.6% interest on Square. Sony owns 8.25% after the Square Enix merger."

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joab7772037d ago

Me either but it will by their standards. Then it will be a great time to buy. Its sad but the market is saturated and they wont get the advertising they would need. It will probably be a solid game but bioshock, defiance, the last of us, E3 etc. will make it really tough.

rainslacker2037d ago

The hype definitely isn't there for this game. Even before they changed it, I never saw a lot of people talking about it...even in articles about the game.

It's rather strange since Insomniac games tend to be pretty well hyped by the media and gamers alike. Even if you don't know the company, you've likely played one of their games in the past.

I'm worried that this game will just get drowned out in the sea of other shooters on the market, because so far I haven't seen much to make it stand out.

On topic:

I doubt they have to do much to earn Sony's trust. They have a great working relationship with them. Insomniac didn't burn their bridges, they just looked to expand. I'm sure Sony would welcome them back with open arms.

Other than that, anything else i believe is summed up pretty well by guitarded. They have more than one basket to keep their eggs in.

TheDivine2036d ago

Prob is Insomniac only received hype from PS fanboys who now either hate insomniac or have total indifference. I never liked any insomniac games other than resistance and only R3 was a great game. Never liked Ratchet either. They've always been a mediocre developer who made mediocre games that fanboys hyped due to being exclusive.

Insomniac does have talent and def has it in them for good games as R3 proves but il wait and see. Sony making them crank out yearly Ratchet titles for the past decade didnt help. Sony forcing them to create a Halo type game didnt help. And now EA is forcing them to make a realistic shooter. They would do better with full control IMO but that's the way of the world I guess.

SilentNegotiator2037d ago

Agreed. It's a bad idea to buy a horse with a broken leg.

showtimefolks2037d ago

I don't think it's a question of if Fuse fails because it will fail

It just doesn't look interesting but overstrike now that had a charming factor about it.

Also lets not forget insomniac has 3 teams, they been voted the best developer to work for like 5 straight years and Ted price is awesome. I still think insomniac will do or dedicate one team for playstation brand that way they keep making money on the side from ratchet,resistance or a new IP.

The way gaming business is sooner or later insomniac will have to all to survive, in next 3-5 years small developers will have hard time existing. When big publishers like THW fall these small development house have no choice

Than there is the matter of should Sony buy insomniac? They have ready at dawn and QD to buy before insomniac I would think

Bathyj2037d ago

I dont think theres any point buying a studio that doesnt want to be 1st party, even if theyre coming of a failure and are a bargain.

Sony would be better off buying Quantic Dream.

Then again if MS start sniffing around, maybe Sony would want to buy then as they dont want to lose them completely, that would be a shame, but I think Insomniac are even less likely to sell to MS than they are to sell to Sony.

BladerunnerZX2037d ago


There doesn't seem to be much interest in Fuse.

blastcorp642036d ago

Earn Sony's trust? I'm sure it was nothing personal and just a business decision

Godchild10202036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Trust as in, funding their next game (New IP) without being worried about the quality of their game.

Not on a personal level, but a business level. Would you do business with someone that you can't trust to make a high(er) quality title? As I mention before their games fell off a bit with Resistance 3 and the Ratchet & Clank series. But that could be due to going multiplatform.

I have nothing against Insomniac going MP, I know they are still great Developers and I just think there is no buzz around their title. Maybe after Army of Two: Devil Cartel releases?

blastcorp642036d ago

I get what you're saying but I think Sony understands, probably more than anyone, the inherent risk of releasing a new ip. Sometimes success and failure of a game, especially a new ip, is beyond the control of the developer or publisher. Look at vanquish, it's an awesome game and much more enjoyable than, say, gears of war but it didn't sell at all. I believe Sony wouldn't have any doubts about insomniac's ability or talent based on their long running relationship.

El_Assenso2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

In all honesty Sony should buy Quantic Dream. I remember in an interview David Cage answering the question of "Are you open top becoming 1st party devs for Sony?" to which Cage replied "In the never know but we're open....Sony and QD are the perfect partnership. We are the artists, whereas Sony are our backers who give us full creative freedom to do whatever we please. The best example is Heavy Rain." BUY QUANTIC DREAM SONY!

NastyLeftHook02036d ago

i agree with what you said. especially since resistance 3 was a commercial (failure) but a fantastic game! such a shame.

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Delive2036d ago

Insomniac goes multiplat and ms gets access to fuse. Bungie goes multiplat and sony gets access to destiny. I dont think sony is too concerned with insomniac. They own the rights to r&c and rfom was never made up to what it should have been.

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yewles12037d ago

Insomniac didn't want to be bought in the first place, why would you think they would suddenly flip-flop if one game fails when they're still making PS3 exclusives for them on the side anyway?

lodossrage2037d ago

True, they didn't want to be bought. But if FUSE fails, with the way studios are starting to drop, they may not have a choice if they want to survive.

The question though is more close to what Godchild1020 just noted to, will Sony actually care enough to buy them after going multi?

Knight_Crawler2037d ago

You do realize that even if this game fails Insomniac wont be affected financially...thats the beauty of having a big company like EA or Activion publish your game.

Remedy is a good example of this...they game did not sell well but since MS was the publisher they were not hurt.

I do not see these guys being bought by Sony.

lodossrage2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

That's not exactly true.

True enough, a publisher does pick up the bill. But if FUSE fails, just because Insomniac isn't the one paying for it that it doesn't hurt their wallet.

If it fails, they'll have a situation of "who will want to publish the sequel for us". EA's track record shows they have no problem giving up on even decent franchises (look at Dante's Inferno)

The difference with Remedy is that from the very beginning Microsoft, a first party publisher had a huge stake in that because MS owns the IP.

EA however, will care less because part of their deal with Insomniac is that Insomniac owns the IP. So they' discard them in a hot minute if FUSE goes south

And it's clear Insomniac can't self publish or they would have done it considering they "want their freedom". So now it becomes where does my next pay day come from because the new question of the day will be "Who will want to publish our next title?"

Donnieboi2037d ago

This may sound harsh, but anyway: No Sony should not buy them back. What kind of message would that be to future would-be deserters? Yeah a studio should have the freedom to leave, blah, blah, blah. But as a business, Sony shouldn't concern itself with another companies freedom. If u leave, then we're done. No need to ever work together again.

rainslacker2037d ago


Sony wouldn't be buying them back, because Sony never owned them in the first place. They did publish a lot of their games, but that was a decision on Insomniacs part to get a game published.

Sony is in the business to make money. If there is some gain for them in buying Insomniac then they will do so. They don't have to send a message. Sony is one of the biggest and most powerful publisher in the industry, and because of that people give them the respect they deserve. Business is just business, and Sony understands that.

MrBeatdown2036d ago


"You do realize that even if this game fails Insomniac wont be affected financially...thats the beauty of having a big company like EA or Activion publish your game."

They have to keep making games to stay in business.

How many publishers are interested in publishing the follow up to a commercial flop?

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Root2037d ago

They didn't want to be bought because they wanted their "freedom"...yet they go with EA, a company well known for restricting developers for things, dumbing down ideas and make developers do things which will sell, not what they want.

I don't see the logic in Insomniacs decision to be honest.

I'd rather them be bought by Sony then be bought by someone like EA.

RuleofOne343 2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

The ability to maintain ownership of the IP ,failure or successful was the point in them choosing to leave.

majiebeast2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

I dont think Sony would buy them at this point. They have Naughty dog a studio that can probably do everything Insomniac can do, but do it better. Sony is better off buying Quantic Dreams if they want any studio.

Sony gave Insomniac enough chances to join SCE, but they wanted more freedom and its looking to bite them in the ass. I bet if FUSE was published by Sony it would still have its original artstyle, instead they had to listen to dudebro's in a focus group that EA set up.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2037d ago

%100 Agreed.

But, it's not a matter of "if it fails" it's a matter of when it fails. I'm sorry but someone had to say it. I really liked the Overstrike concept, LOVED the Overstrike concept Fuse looks like any generic shooter, i'm sure it'll have that special uniqueness only Insomniac can deliver but i'm not sure if it'll be enough to make me want it.

Ravenor2037d ago

Yeah Generic coop shooters with the kinds of weapons shown in the trailer show up all the time. The concept for the game is the exact same thing it's just the art style that has changed, the abilities of the individual agents is the exact same.

rainslacker2037d ago


The thing is, art style did set this game apart from the generic. It may have all the same features of the original game, but outside our bubble a lot of people don't really look at that.

I'm sure the game will be good, because Insomniac is an amazing developer, but good doesn't necessarily mean that the game will sell.

adorie2037d ago

Dudebros... LMAO. Focus groups aren't really a great thing either.

Soldierone2037d ago

If anything, Insomniac will just go back to SCEA for publishing. They don't want to be bought out, they wouldn't even let EA do it. They want to be their own company.

Plus why would you want them too? Say FUSE fails then they create a new IP for Sony and it fails. They will eventually end up like Zipper.....

Godchild10202037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

The thing is if Fuse fails, Sony may not fund their next game. Look at how they left Resistance and look at how Ratchet and Clank has been handle lately.

They didn't even want to or they just let a random third party studio make the Vita version. If they really cared about the IP, they would have let Sony know they wanted to do the port themselves. And maybe the HD Remake (Not the HD Collection, the Ratchet Deadlocked HD remake) as well?

If they wanted to have their own freedom, they would have seeked publishing rights for their own games. Isn't that real freedom? Or maybe they just wanted a way to make more money and have someone else get burned if their next game fails?

If Fuse fails, Sony might not fund their next new IP or they won't even let them touch an existing IP. With that said, they might have to lay off a members of the studio and may use Kickstarter to fund their next game.

Soldierone2037d ago

Insomniac didn't have the manpower to do it themselves, plus I don't think they have ever made a handheld game. It has always been another studio.

They also did seek publishing rights, but that is just something Sony does. That's why they went third party, to have their rights to the IP. EA put them under the new sub name so Insomniac did keep rights. I believe they also stated they don't have the money or access to distribute themselves, or they would have done it. Again the reason they went to EA.

It just sucks for them because everyone wants full rights to them. Since they are under that new label and keep rights, EA isn't pushing it as hard as their other games. Since they have always been second party to Sony, their games always got overshadowed by first party titles.

I don't think a single game not doing well under EA terms will do anything for Sony. If Insomniac says "hey we want to make Resistance 4 for the PS4" Sony will be all over it.