Rock, Paper, Shotgun Interview: Splash Damage

Sat around a table on the mezzanine of a poncy San Francisco hotel were Rock, Paper, Shotgun's international agent, Jim Rossignol; PC Gamer's poseable action editor, Tim Edwards; and droopy-fringed Official Xbox 360 Magazine editor and frequent PC Gamer contributor, Jon Hicks. Joining them for man-to-man chat were three members of the UK-based Enemy Territory: Quake Wars development studio, Splash Damage: Owner and lead designer, Paul Wedgwood; business development director, Steve Gaffney; and Splash Damage's newly promoted art director, Richard Jolly. They all had a nice chat about running a game community, the tribulations of game development, the PC, and how the game that follows ETQW could be "deeper yet more accessible".

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