Marvel Heroes Release Date

On the first day of PAX East Gazillion Entertainment announced the release date for the upcoming MMORPG Marvel Heroes – June 4th 2013! For those that can’t wait until then there is an option to spend a little money now and get early access.

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Grayn2039d ago

I really want a decent super heros mmo...and I really want it to be in the Marvel world.

Echel0n2039d ago

Not sure how I feel about this just yet...

caution42039d ago

I got a chance to play it at PAX East today. Pretty fun game, but I feel like the AI could really use some work.

washednblood2039d ago

Really? Hopefully it's something that is addressed before release!

kefkah2038d ago

I have been told that this game is actually quite addicting. Kind hesitant but it would be nice to be surprised.