Next Call of Duty projects debunked "Yesterday on an Infinity Ward registered website, a trailer was released for a movie called "Modern Warfare 4". Yesterday, a YouTuber reports on 'inside' information for the next Call of Duty game called Ghosts. Both rumors are false."

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Number-Nine2131d ago

Call of Duty: Yesterday's Warfare

Jek_Porkins2131d ago

We usually don't see the next COD until the NBA playoffs, so it's not quite time yet. You'd have to be pretty thick to think we wont get a new COD this year though, probably current and next gen versions. Imagine the sales for COD spanning new and old consoles? Crazy to think about.

Donnieboi2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Why are my fellow countrymen so dumb? Why do they pay for these dumb games? And our tv shows, top selling music, etc all appeal to brain-dead morons. Americans are dumb. There, I said it. I hate living here. Wish I lived in Japan or Europe/Britain. People there are not as idiotic.

Jek_Porkins2131d ago

Doesn't COD sell the most games every single year and break their own record at the same time every single launch? I'd take that as some people obviously care about COD.

The fact that there's like a million users on BO2 right now says a lot.

Tr10wn2131d ago

only 15 millions across PS3 and the 360 only, yeah nobody.

Donnieboi2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )


Yeah and 15 million idiots idolize lil wayne, think Lady Gaga makes good music, watch American reality tv crap, and know more about the talentless Kim Cardashian than they even know about themselves.

So that makes it okay? Stupid is stupid. This is no mere opinion.

Still a bunch of no brainer morons. Made in America.

Jek_Porkins2131d ago

Wow, talk about ignorant. You sit there and act as if every American is like that, it just goes to show how sad you are when it comes to stereotypes.

I don't like rap, I never watch reality television and the only thing I know about Kim Cardashian is that she is dating some bad rapper. So please stop generalizing Americans, I play COD, love COD, but you know who I run into every single game on COD? British people who go around trying to no scope and quick scope ect...

Also, I'd say COD sells more like 20+ million, but props for the attempted troll.

Max-Zorin2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

All countries have idiots. And not all Americans are like that. Don't be so stereotypical.

Reverent2131d ago

@Max, if you're not personally part of the
American's are dumb" stereotype, great... But you cannot deny, there are a TON of dumb Americans.

elmaton982131d ago

Is not that american are stupid, is the younger generation that is. Idk what the usa will be once the older generation die but still is not all of them is just a small portion of the us that is idiotically stupid

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4lc4pon32131d ago

another lame rehashed COD. Nothing to see here

Majin-vegeta2131d ago


trenso12131d ago

the one thing i dont get is that people still find all the quick scoping videos amusing, even when people do it in bf3 they like it.

KillrateOmega2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

I know, right? The whole concept of quickscoping montages is SO old and repetitive. It's always the same thing; some guy runs around with his bolt-action and does a 360-720 before firing his gun.

What they never show is the 15 other attempts that the person made where they completely fail...

elmaton982131d ago

People just wanna look cool so of course they not gonna show all the fails before showing the real thing

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