Retail praises timing of Xbox 360 price cut

Leading UK retailers have told that the Xbox 360 price cut is perfect timing for the Easter sales period and it will give the console a boost into more mainstream markets.

Tim Ellis, head of games for HMV, expects the price reduction will help sell more hardware and software after a traditionally quiet retail period.

"We're certainly expecting a discernible lift in hardware sales, and through this, an increase in demand for key software titles also," he said.

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prunchess3970d ago

I get the impression that there is a fight going on to see what site can put as much positve spin on MS's 360 price cut. Wait for the article heading "Microsoft wins the price cut war!"

Laugh all you want, it's only a matter of time......

mighty_douche3970d ago

I'm sure the 360 will be number 1 for the next few months in the hardware sale's, but with prologue releasing in a few weeks maybe not by a lot.

Either way, good new's for people who were thinking about buying, MS just saved them a few £££

Oh, ummm why is this in the ps3 section?

Cwalat3970d ago

why in PS3 section ?

anyways, this is good but won't hurt sony that much,
if ppl are familiar with the console war and format war then they know PS3 is more valuable even if 360 is cheaper.

prunchess3970d ago

It is in the PS3 section because TnS is the contributor and we all know how much TnS likes to kick off these 360 vs PS3 threads.

mighty_douche3970d ago

I disagree, TnS is one of the better contributors here at N4G, he's always first to spot duplicates in the pending section and is 99% correct. Maybe this was just a mistake? We all make them.

prunchess3970d ago

but TnS does this regularly and has been at it for quite a while now. If an article relates to a couple of consoles then fair enough. If not then I can only assume that this is done to increase the posters on this thread.

If I am wrong, show me and I'll hold my hands up and apologise.

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resistance1003970d ago

Of course they are happy, 360 sales have been dropping all the time, and the retailers want to sell them again, i know recently places like argos and Gamestation have had 360 bundles which you get 3 games free.

I suspect this price drop will have an impact in the UK, however the impact in mainland europe might possibly be minimal and short term at best.

caffman3970d ago

so stop saying its only MS because EVERY console does it.

Tempist3970d ago

"Leading UK retailers have told that the Xbox 360 price cut is perfect timing for the Easter sales period and it will give the console a boost into more mainstream markets."

Yes, because 'Jesus' 'died' for your 'sins' and so come the time to 'remember' that you can go out and buy a Xbox360.

kurochi3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Microsoft: Shortage be DAMNED! We're going to cut the prices when we have a hardware shortage problem..... (sarcasm) LOL

HMM3970d ago

ha ha that's funny...

name3970d ago

This is good. The consumer definetly wins when companies force eachother to drop their prices. We should wait it out until both consoles are 10 bucks a peice.

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