Why Uncharted Needs A Break

The Action-Adventure Series Needs To Wait Until Next Gen To Return

Uncharted is a fantastic series that saw its peak in 2009 with the release of the ever-popular PS3 exclusive Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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GraveLord2033d ago

I say wait until its ready for the PS4. I'll take another Vita Uncharted though.

Thatguy-3102033d ago

Yea a ps4 installment well be pretty cool. Uncharted 3 didn't live up to how I wanted but in no way will that make me think it needs a break. Hopefully the fact that it got mixed reviews it will force ND to build something greater that way they can top themselves with what they did in Among Thieves. Plus The Last of Us is coming out and it will be nice to see some inspiration off that for the next Uncharted. Maybe not a whole day dark tone to the game but a more mature approach. Would like to see them tackle myths like the burmeuda triangle or Atlantis(crossing my fingers). Series is great for what it has offered.

Irishguy952033d ago

Would love for them to just get on with new franchises.

For one's enjoyment

Ezz20132033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

hmmmm..aren't they already give it a break since they are working on a new ip ...the last of us ?!

as for uncharted games...the last uncharted game on ps3
have 92% matescore
sold over 5 million
won tons and tons of GOTY awards
there is no reason why they should end it

i can think of alot of other games that should take a break though

xHeavYx2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

"The reception was slightly mixed, with some fans feeling the game was simply too similar to its predecessor"
I think that would belong to a COD article, also, the only reason this "journalist" says the game needs a break is because of it... " being a bit iffy on whether it continued to improve over its predecessor" ????
I agree that the series need a little of a break, but if the guys gives that reason, then the title of the article should be "the most stupid reason why Uncharted series need a break"

chukamachine2033d ago

That's the problem with any series, Worst offender is Assassins creed - I Mean are they trying to make people sick of it?

I played the first creed and brotherhood, don't want to play it any more. Boring now.

Uncharted should wait until alittle time into PS4'S life, and also release on PS3 maybe.

wishingW3L2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

if they release on the PS3 then they will not be able to take advantage of what the PS4 has to offer since the PS3's GPU is considerably weaker and not to mention the ram (256MB XDR + 256MB GDDR3 vs 8GB GDDR5). So releasing the next Uncharted on both consoles is a no-no unless you want more of the same and an incredibly gimped game.

ginsunuva2033d ago

no not release on ps3. what are you thinking?

Godmars2902033d ago

Would agree in light of Tomb Raider it need to take a break, pick up a few new tricks, but then that's most of the industry. Something like Assassin's Creed especially, which is seeing titles coming out on a yearly basis before any reaction to the one prior can be gauged.

smashcrashbash2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

I disagree fully.I still don't see why Uncharted should take a break when no one else is.Just because the last Uncharted wasn't the best doesn't mean it needs a break.People still cry as if it was the worst game ever or something.It just needs a different approach for the next one.People keep harping on about things needing a break but a game could take a break and still come back worse then ever e.g. Duke Nukem.It has nothing to do with how frequent a game is made.Mario makes only one Mario platformer per system and I am still damn tired of it.Waiting a while doesn't guarantee that it will come back any better received.Uncharted 4 for the PS4 as a launch title could blow our minds and make us glad they didn't wait.People are always so sure if you wait a while a game will automatically get better because of that.Besides there are series out there that are more desperately need break and have had more games then Uncharted did and still use the same formula over and over again.One game that isn't able to or can't live up to it's predecessor doesn't mean a game needs a break.By that logic they shouldn't have made another DMC so soon after DMC2 tanked.And with the PS4's power it will give UC4 advantages that UC3 didn't have.

clintagious6502033d ago

Definitely agree with u %150 I mean alot of ppl act as if uncharted 3 was a complete down, when that is certainly far from it. If uncharted 2 doesnt exsist all those GOTY AWARDS & achievements uncharted 2 won wouldve all been given to uncharted 3 because it was that good of a game but to alot of ppl their expectations were too high after what uncharted 2 set the standard & even tho uncharted 3 didnt achieve all the awards uncharted 2 had, it still was an amazing all around game & experience. Hard to find a series where All 3 games are awesome.

DigitalRaptor2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

It doesn't need one, but it would be better off having one and deserves one.

Just like we waited 5 years into PS3's cycle for a next generation God of War, Uncharted would benefit from the same thing. And just like GOW, Uncharted is getting handheld prequels, so I think that is enough to tide people over and build the anticipation to unprecedented levels.

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