Battlefield 4 "Prepare 4 Battle: Air" trailer released, Shanghai confirmed to be involved

Battlefield 4 "Prepare 4 Battle: Air" trailer released, Shanghai confirmed to be a setting in the game

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piroh3044d ago

sometimes hype can harm

dasbeer883044d ago

*cough* Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor *cough*

Reverent3044d ago

Battlefield 3 very much lived up to the hype IMO. Was it as memorable as Battlefield 2? No, but it sure as hell was better than any other multiplayer FPS game out there, and still is at the moment, again in my opinion.

BattleAxe3044d ago

Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & 2 were awesome, and so was Battlefield: 1943. The BF3 beta was a huge turn off, the PS3 version had alot of input lag, and you need origin to play the PC version. The maps on the console version are too big for the small amount of players, and snipers with flashlights is just plain stupid.

vickers5003044d ago

"the PS3 version had alot of input lag"

Key word being "had". It doesn't anymore. I actually got used to it and prefer it, it gives the game a feeling of weight, which I like.

"The maps on the console version are too big for the small amount of players"

Not really. Unless you're a CoD addict who absolutely has to shoot at something within 5 seconds of spawning. I like the number of players to map size correlation just the way it is now. It gets pretty chaotic with what it has, any more and it just wouldn't be very much fun in my opinion.

"and snipers with flashlights is just plain stupid."

What would be stupid is someone letting such a trivial detail even slightly sway them away from playing BF3.

NegativeCreepWA3044d ago

Really Axe, you judged it based on a beta, wow.

KidBroSweets23044d ago

If this was called Call of Duty then everyone would be complaining right now but so many people want a "CoD killer" that this game will get likes no matter what. I bought BF3 and MW3 and since BF3 came out before, I had plenty of time playing it. I personally, just didn't gain a liking to the game. Sure there was some fun with the vehicles but outside of that, I didn't care for it. But I would take ANY Battlefield game over blops 1&2 any day. Right now I've chosen MoH warfighter over blops II. But I know I'll buy this and the new MW4 game whenever they come out so to me, it doesn't matter if this a "CoD killer" or not.

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Qrphe3045d ago

Hopefully this doesn't turn into another wub wub wub *drop* shooter.

Convas3044d ago

I don't mind the electronic music in the OST, those are just the times we live in.

But can we get some symphony orchestra back up in the soundtrack please?

If Two Steps From Hell can do Symphonic Dubstep, then it CAN be done.

Reverent3044d ago

Apocalyptica could easily do it.

Neixus3044d ago

I don't think so, DICE has been pretty active on battlelog forums and twitter, accepting alot of feedback. I guess it's just EA's descision to implement them.

d0nT wOrrY3045d ago

Another one since it's down..

dasbeer883045d ago

That's it? It's just showing a helicopter router spinning! This is going to be like last year's Medal of Honor game all over again.

3044d ago
trenso13044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

dasbeer a facepalm isn't good enough for what you just commented.

HammadTheBeast3044d ago

lol MoH was made to appease CoD fans who didn't like BF3.

dasbeer883044d ago

And Battlefield 4 will be a bigger facepalm when it finally releases in stores. AHEM Do you guys remember the hype behind Battlefield 3 and its beautiful, luscious disappointment when gamers finally played it? :)
Besides this is EA, I wouldn't doubt Battlefield 4 will end up as garbage like its predecessor all thanks to them. So in the meantime, I'll just grab my popcorn and soda the day when fans cry tears of disappointment androar outrage when they play BF4.

RumbleFish3044d ago

dasbeer, are you playing on console? BF3 on PC is really great. I have it on PS3 and on PC and the difference is huge.

Flavor3044d ago

people just have short memories, too much ADD and internets. I remember the hype ridden failure of both moH and BF3, and yes BF3 was a disappointment, it dumbed itself down to appeal to a broader dudebro audience but was left with nothing original.

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robser733044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

also down.
the only one right is there

Detoxx3045d ago

It's getting crazy! Can't wait

HK5A3045d ago

5 Days!!! I can't wait

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