Microsoft Ready For Xbox 360 Price Cut In U.S.

Washington (dbTechno) - According to reports, Microsoft may be getting ready to cut the price of the Xbox 360 in the U.S. to better compete with the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PS3. This comes one day after they announced price cuts in Europe, putting the Xbox 360 Arcade sku at a lower price than the Wii.

The Nintendo Wii is believed to be having much of its success because of its lower price point. Microsoft saw this in Europe and has responded, announcing a price cut of the Xbox 360 there across all models.

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decapitator3969d ago

Well let me the first to say this: BS. Why would they need it ? It is clear that Microsoft does not want to beat the wii. Their only OB is selling more units than Sony and so far in the US, they are dominating.

I don't think we will see any chance of price cut unless Sony makes a move which is hard to ignore.

Lifendz3969d ago

Umm....I disagree with you there. I think both SOny and MS want to beat the Wii. They can't, but they want too. This move is all about GTA IV. MS knows that despite having the exclusive content, it wasn't a sure thing that all those people set to buy a next-gen console to play this game would get a 360 to play it. Hence the price cut. This puts the pressure on Sony to try and match it. Sad part is if a lot of people do buy the cheapest 360 available-the core/arcade-they're getting ripped off because a good number of major games are going to require a HDD.

How this plays out only time will tell.

Exhaust3969d ago

The 360 is due for a real price drop. Its the older of the 3 next gen consoles, production costs are lower now and the last price drop was weak.

I also disagree that they don't care to beat the Wii. MS has tried and failed multiple times to take the "casual market" but look at Japan. Failing miserably but still slogging on. Personally I think they're working on a motion control peripheral of some sort... They had one for the PC years before the Wii why not bring it to their console.

We'll see. I think a lot Sony fans just want MS to roll out and die. Whether you like the company or the console you can't believe they would invest all this money JUST turn a profit and give up. I'd say JUST barely making a profit and the knowledge that RROD shot themselves in the foot and could have done way better gives them incentive to dump more capital into the project. Just my thoughts.

decapitator3969d ago

Well I was talking about "next-gen" consoles. Is only natural that a next gen console, stays on top or goes after a "next-gen" console. Sure they would want to slow the wii sales, but that thing is in a league of its own right now.

AceLuby3969d ago

But... what happened to the supply issues? Why create demand NOW for a game released in months when demand is already higher than supply?

Bladestar3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

@AceLuby - I guess.. just like RROD some people will never stop talking about "supply issues".... if you remember correctly... we are already in March.. the 11th... I thin before many people start talkinga bout supply issues how microsoft lied... you may want to do some research and find out... a) how many consoles can the assebly produce a day... b) how long does it take to ship those to stores. and other variables... cause you see.. you are talking about supply issues caused by the month of december which affected the month of January and early Feb.... is being 1-2 months since then... don't you think by now... microsoft already fixed this problem?
You see... microsoft never said they couldn't produce consoles at the rate they were selling... but simply that they understimated how many they were going to sell during XMass.... meaning they didn't make enough... also, we don't know if they had enough consoles but didn't ship enough ontime... there is a lot we don't know.. and details... sadly 1-2 months laters people are trying to dig dirt... I bet you 5 months from now people will be talking about this... as if it takes 6 months to make more consoles...

Also, the xbox 360 is due for a price drop.. 3 years old... aren't consoles suppose to drop in price as they lower cost? funny people have double standards... when it comes to microsoft and Sony... people expect Sony to drop the price every 6 months, everytime they lower cost... but not microsoft... interesting that... even after this price drop it will probably not add up to Sony's $100 last price drop... takes microsoft 3 years to drop the price by $100 when it took Sony only 6 months...

AceLuby3969d ago

Supply issues were going on a month ago (beginning of Feb, a short month), true, but lets say supply issues were true a month ago and there is little to no supply at M$ and most of the store's were sold out. They have now had a month to fulfill orders to the stores, while also keeping up w/ demand, but also trying to keep some stored for themselves getting ready for extra demand for a price cut. I just don't think that if supply issues were that bad that it would take longer than just over a month to catch up. Maybe they have, I don't know.

But the main point that I think is overlooked is that if M$ is having supply issues that means that they are selling faster than they can produce. Why have a price cut now if they are selling that well?

rawg3969d ago

I agree with you. Cutting the price so soon after they announced "supply issues" is inconsistent at best and smacks of desperation IMO.

The price cut card is one of the few remaining moves that MS has to play so the fact that they are hinting at using it so early in the year is a bad sign for them. Another problem is that they are already cheaper than the PS3 so increasing the price differential doesn't change their marketing message much.

"Now we're even more cheaper than the PS3!" -> not a strong message.

Bloodwar3969d ago

21 - We are talking about a full game sized expansion here for the 360--not the Sony PS3
I think people, especially in the Sony camp fail to realize that MS paid the GTA IV devlopers tens of millions of dollars for the expansion. This is a full sized exclusive game added to the core GTA IV game. Who wouldn't want that extra content? The 360 is a damn good system. Its my favorite. What type of content are we talking about here? A mere level, or new vehicles? A few missions? No, for the amount of money MS dropped into the game, we are talking about basically a GTA IV part 2 full sized game being added. But sadly, the Sony fan boys are too blind to see a good deal even when its thrown at them. I'm a multi-console user but I know a good game when I see one and if I can get a better much larger version of the game on the 360 console, you can be sure I'm going to get it. I'm hoping that the fact that the game is going to be better on the PS3 will be enough to convince 100's of thousands if not millions of PS3 owners to buy the 360 and GTA IV. It would be a very smart move on their part to do so.

wow4u3969d ago

"Sad part is if a lot of people do buy the cheapest 360 available-the core/arcade-they're getting ripped off because a good number of major games are going to require a HDD."

It amazes me that peope say this kind of junk.

The Xbox 360 Arcade (and Core) play every single Xbox 360 title. No one is getting "ripped off" some people want a second machine for a nother room, or just want to play a couple titles -- or HEAVEN FORBID -- they care about the price(!) and want to get a Xbox 360 but have a limited budget and cant afford the Xbox 360 Pro.

Xbox 360 Arcade (and Core) owners can later, if they choose, or after they've saved some money, buy the HDD.

It is about CHOICE and accomodating a more customers.

Bubble Buddy3968d ago

imagine if Sony and MS joined forces.Even though prices will be mega high, think of the possibilities.

Gears of War
Gears of War 2
Metal Gear Solid 4
Grand Theft Auto 4
Bioshock 2
Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance 2
Little Big Planet
Dead Rising
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden 2
Ratchet and Clank
Too Human
Lost Odyssey
Lost Rain
Banjo Kazooiee
L.A Noire
God Of War 3
Heavy Rain
Left 4 Dead
many more
Perfect third party games, no porting, etc etc.
Xbox live combined with Home, drop the charges please. Plus Great hardware from Sony and nice advertising from Microsoft.

:'(, too bad it'll never happen. Nintendo would be overwhelmed though.

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Darkiewonder3969d ago

I don't want to hear any excuse from them saying they had another shortage.

HarryEtTubMan3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

They better... they can't beat a 400-500$ PS3 anymore!!!......they will lose HAHAHHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA It's just going to happen.

ChrisGTR13969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

im shure they will reduce the price. especially since their 'big hitter exclusive' GTA is coming out lol

they just gotta fix the whole supply issues. especially with this price cut. its gonna boost sales to 400k (if theres enough to be sold)

rawd3969d ago

I wouldn't own a 360 even if it was free. I don't support shoddy hardware

ChrisGTR13969d ago

i guess you musta never bought a ps2. being the best last gen console it also, like the 360, had issues at first.

003969d ago

you'll support shoddy software?.

I Love Xbox 3603969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )


Shoddy software care to ellaborate i hear that if you dare touch your xbox when its on it'll make your software "shoddy" xD


Hmm where do i start I know ill make you look like a complete fool.
"i guess you musta never bought a ps2. being the best last gen console it also, like the 360, had issues at first"
So where does "at first" end ? as far as im concerned at first is the first year at most this the xboxs 3rd year correct(the start) ? So your belloved xbox is only young untill it stops having issues going by your logic. The Origional Xbox (which i posses as well as a 360) had a lifespan of 5 years and then they completey ignored it. So In Another 2 years will the 360 still be young no as it is not young now.

You Sir Fail

I have two suggestions
1. Jump Out And Play B3yond
2. Quit Sucking M$ balls its been 2.2 years and its still shoddy hardware.

doodle3969d ago

x360 best console in the market???????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ????????????????

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa

It has 0 games for 2008.

PS3 is the best console in the market and has the best games for 2008 and beyond


x360 has 0 games ...Lost odyssey,blu dtagon---those meag flopped garbage games. Only 3 games it has are on PC too --Gears,Bioshock and Mass effect. However all x360 games look like piece of crap vs UNCHARTED


a way better lineup than a GARBAGE DVD PLAYER --wXBREAK 3 FIX ME

what a shame that GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME has 0 games for 2008. GAYERS2 wont be released cuz RESISTANCE 2 and KILLZONE 2 will dump it in the trash can

Tomorrow is more PWNAGE against GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME. Motorstorm 2 footage will be unleashed

BAST*** u are comparing a defective garbage box with PS2 ??? why would someone buy an x360 when he /she can get a PS3

This is why x360 is FULLY DEAD in europe and JApan.

x360 is also being pwned by PS3 in USA. x360 will fully die when MGS4 is launched

Sez 3969d ago

i think you need to do some research before you hurt your uninformed must not have owned a ps2. the problem with the ps2 started it's first year and carried over until 03 or 04. thats the real reason why they remodel the ps2. the class action lawsuite lasted for almost three years. and to this day no one asked or forced sony to report their failure rate. google it.

InYourMom3969d ago

the 360 has 0 games for 08?

Gears 2 won't come out because RFOM2 and KZ2 will dump it in the trash can?

Those are really your arguements/comebacks?? Pityful kid.

The games you list for PS3 you've not even played, hell you list games that don't even have an annouced release date (Uncharted 2?) yet you know that they blow everything out of the water. Talk like that all you want in the PS3 threads but when you troll into a 360 article you can bet you are going to get called out.

The PS3 has some big titles coming no doubt but when you start your arguement off with the 360 has ZERO games, etc you aren't lending much credibility to your arguement.

I picture you sitting with your fingers in your ears going "LA LA LA LA LA the 360 has ZERO games LA LA LA LA"


Pain3969d ago

1, PS2 was not a RRod machine . had a Bad Dvd drive that was fixed fast.

U Xbots with your PS2 had problems too crap is lame and stupid.

XBOX 360 Dies on you therr's a difference

And what Harry said 360 needs all the help it can get cuz its Game Over for Xbox in 08 and Beyond.


inumom just pwned Nazi hard.

MiniMii3968d ago

The RROD isnt an "issue". its a major problem.

Every electronics hardware has its standard errors. They are being mass produced so it cannot be helped. But 60% failure rate isnt a fking 'issue'. Its a MAJOR PROBLEM.

Its shows how utterly inferior MSs designing and manufacturing processes are compared to other companies. 60% is downright UN FKING ACCEPTABLE.

If this was a car, this would have meant that 60% of the people who bought one, ended up in a carcrash and possible dead.

And meanwhile you stinkin bots are defending that piece of shiat to the death.

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