Top Five Co-Op Games | inMotion Gaming

There are a lot of stereotypes floating around in our society these days. For gamers it’s the classic, ‘over-weight man clad in white vest stained with coffee, pizza sauce and Mountain Dew playing games, alone, in his dingy bedroom’. I would like to believe that there are very few people out there in this bright, wonderful world, that actually exist in such a way – but I’d imagine there are a few. Gaming, however, doesn’t have to be an anti-social experience. Why, some of my fondest gaming memories stem from playing them with my brother, or my dad, or my friends (or all of the above). Be it storming objectives in Battlefield 3, scoring left footed volleys from 40 yards out on FIFA or building grand castles from blocks of glass in Minecraft – I truly believe that solo-gamers are missing out on a lot of co-operative fun. So, in that spirit, here’s my five all time favourite games to play with others.

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