Eurogamer Review's Bully: Scholarship Edition for the Wii

Comparing the Wii and 360 versions of Bully: Scholarship Edition is difficult, really. The motion-controlled combat and extra Wiimote-centric mini-games definitely add to the experience - physically punching and grappling with your hands will always make for a more entertaining experience than pressing buttons - but looks-wise, the Wii game's only marginally better than the PS2 original. This means it falls far short of the 360 version's graphical standard, even if it does avoid the more powerful system's (soon-to-be-fixed, says Rockstar) technical issues. Consequently, Bully's age is far more obvious on the Wii, but playing it is a wee bit more enjoyable. It's a choice between much nicer looks and motion controls - a trade-off that is sure to become familiar as multiplatform Wii games get more common and less lazy.

If you've already played Canis Canem Edit, then four new mini-games and new combat controls, however great, probably won't make you buy it again. But set in the context of the Wii game library, Bully stands out more than ever. It's far removed from everything else on the system, and still just as mischievous and entertaining as it was a year ago. The dialogue is full of life, the missions make you laugh out loud and the whole thing is infused with wayward, playful charm. One day, hopefully, all Wii ports will be this good.

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