HMV bundles Wii U Premium and Zombi U for just £199

Struggling UK high street chain HMV is currently selling the 32GB Premium Wii U console, including Nintendo Land, plus a copy of survival horror Zombi U for £199.99.

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rajman2034d ago

Wow, cant believe I spent £300 just for the premium console 4 months ago

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2033d ago

Hey Rajman sorry to hear that it must suck :o btw hmv are often very good on console deals , i got my vita off them , and this is a great price for a wii u tbh.

jimbobwahey2033d ago

I suggest you sell it quick on eBay before the price plummets even more. You could take that cash and buy a much better console with a huge library of great games, or buy a whole bunch of great games for another console you already own.

You're just screwing yourself over by holding on to your Wii U.

caseh2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

As much as Jimbobwahaey sounds like hes trolling he actually has a point lol.

Better off flogging the WiiU, enjoy the HUGE library of available games from one of the existing consoles and maybe come back to the WiiU in a years time or possibly bypass it altogether in favour of nextbox/PS4

Why would you tie yourself to a console that has hardly any games available over the PS3/360 choices. Early PS3 adopters made the same mistake, those first 6 months was PAINFUL as far as games were concerned.

Tei7772033d ago

If he bought the wii U for first party games, they are obviously coming and we'll see them all (minus new zelda) at E3. selling the system makes no sense..

THEMIGHTYDOOVDE2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Maybe we should start a partition on Miiverse asking for free games for all of us who have paid top dollar!

Neonridr2034d ago

That's a great deal. I would recommend anyone in the UK to pickup the system with all that included for that price.

Unfortunately they still need more games to ship. As the year progresses I have a feeling more units will go. Some bigger titles are still yet to be released.

jimbobwahey2033d ago

To be honest I'd rather take all that money and spend it on the huge amount of great PS3/360 games releasing throughout the year, rather than the Wii U and one game and uh... well, I dunno, a rehashed GameCube Zelda game to get Nintendo fans through the year?

Given how abysmal the software lineup for the Wii U has been and how Nintendo expects their customers to get by on one worthwhile game per year, anybody that buys a Wii U (even at a discounter price) is being stupid.

I mean I could buy Bioshock Infinite, Gears of War Judgement, God of War Ascension, The Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto V etc... Or I could spend all that money on a Wii U.

Not a hard choice, is it?

Gemmol2033d ago

I would go with a Wii U if those the games you naming to pull someone to a system, do not get me wrong those games sell, but its not even my cup of tea, and why you hate Wii U so much, we have 3 systems to have different experience, yes they may share the same games at times, but Wii U have a different way of playing it make games feel a little less of the same, even though it is the same. Every system takes time to get better, if you do not like Wii U stay away from Wii U news section, its either you lonely or want more people to play with, if that is the case, I am sure there is a lot of playstation and 360 fans on here, how much more people you need on your friend list? I had a ps3 for last gen and I plan to buy ps4 too, but until then my ps3 and Wii U will keep me busy, I have no hate or complaints for either console

NBT912033d ago

it's worth keeping for the decent exclusives. Multiplats either don't release on it or are lesser versions, though.
For this price I'd say its worth it, can't quite justify launch price yet though...

Root2033d ago

Still not sure...

If Nintendo wern't stupid and released Luigis Mansion on the 3DS but on the Wii U instead then I would of bought one

Just going to wait untill Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros

theEx1Le2033d ago

To be fair, HMV is on its last breath. Take this offer while you can, even if it is to sell on for profit :).

Summons752033d ago

It's still possible that team is working on a secret wiiu project maybe a proper luigis mansion 2

GamerEuphoria2033d ago

HMV are cutting prices on everything given it's going under. Don't expect this to be a blanket price drop. On the plus side...Zombi U and Monster hunter...go go go

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