PSW previews Resistance 2

Resistance had its fair share of critics. Consider the following statement: "Few knew who this Sergeant Nathan Hale was, why the American soldier with an impossibly generic face had muscled into Britain's fight for survival against the Chimeran menace. Or why it was thought a workable idea for him to be described in the third-person throughout a first-person game."

No, that's not a quote from Captain Rachel Parker, the distancing voice of exposition from Resistance: Fall of Man. It's just PSW's way to point out how lame her inclusion was and why, in Resistance 2, her absence is just one of many brilliant changes that are set to make the sequel stand head and shoulders above the original.

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mighty_douche3964d ago

Nothing really new if you've been following Resistance 2. But still an enjoyable read and good for getting you even more excited by this must have game.

Bring on the demo!!

marinelife93964d ago

I disagree with the article's criticism of Resistance 1 being like a PS2 game in some ways. I felt the entire experience was next gen.

There are games out now that are better like COD4 but a year and a half ago 40 player online with great graphics and content was a next gen experience.

spandexxking3964d ago

i thought they were a bit harsh on res1 too. launch games are difficult, they never age well. but saying that, when i first played this game it gave me an experience i wont forget

THC CELL3964d ago

this game will take on any console shoot em up and kick its ass
Bring it on
wooo only on ps3 baby

i would like to see any x box game compare with this game
Not a chance in hell

name3964d ago

I've went back to playing Resistance. I love call of duty 4 but that game has too many damn problems. :( GRENAAAADDAAAAAA

prunchess3964d ago

COD4 is a great game made a pain in the ass with the problems it has from server lag to stats and non unlocking unlockables! Never had these problems with rfom. I actually dug out rfom last night and had a few games due to some of the COD4 problems pissing me off!

As for the character Nathan Hale and the bird that does the narrative, they all work fine in the context of the game. I would hardly call her removal from the rfom 2 as a “brilliant change”. (very puzzled by that? over-trying maybe?) As with most games, when you look back over the game and story things could have been different maybe improved but hey hindsight has 20/20 vision.

Master of Menace3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

to find out more about the cloven! Resistance has a great story. Something Gears of War doesn't have.

mirroredderorrim3964d ago

The lighting in this game appears to be improved over Resistance. Funny thing is, Resistance is still going for full price at most places, even used, the game is close to being full price.

Cwalat3964d ago

where do u live ?
here in sweden u can find one for 29$

Rice3964d ago

up here in canada it cost 40 straight used....

mintaro3964d ago

ive seen it for 29.999 in canada

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